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I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend and real estate agent Elizabeth Gleason. Elizabeth is a top-producing agent for Rogers Healy & Associates in Dallas, TX and an expert in her field. I asked her the questions you guys submitted in IG stories and I’ve gotta say, I felt so informed after we spoke! Take a look at our video and read along to get even more info about your real estate questions.

Click to watch the full interview with Elizabeth Gleason.

Question #1: How do you pick the right realtor?

Elizabeth gave us three tips when deciding if a real estate agent is right for you. First of all, you want to make sure you trust the person you’re hiring. You need to feel like your agent is on your side and working hard to help you find a great home. Second, you want to find a realtor who is an expert in the market trends for YOUR area. Someone who knows the market and can leverage that knowledge for your benefit. Third and last criteria, is that you want an agent who communicates. Someone to answer all your emails, return your calls and makes you feel like a priority.

Question #2: What should I upgrade in my home before listing it?

Kitchen and bathrooms sell homes, so Elizabeth recommends that those areas be updated with neutral selections that would appeal to a wide variety of home buyers. You can leave an allowance for things like flooring and paint, but consider that your kitchen and bath will be what bring in top dollar. Elizabeth recommends you provide floor samples at your showing if you want to give buyers a visual for the potential in the space, especially if you know you’re going to need to offer a flooring allowance.

Question #3: What are the most important parts of an open house or showing?

Elizabeth said you want your home to “look good, smell good and feel good.” She said these three things are represented in curb appeal, cleanliness of your home and the decluttered and depersonalized spaces. This means landscaping is of the upmost importance as it’s the first impression a buyer gets of your home. Cleanliness is a must and if you have pets, you’ll need to take extra steps to hide odors by lighting candles. Remove the clutter and present an organized home so that it doesn’t appear that your home lacks storage, and lastly, take down anything too personal so that potential buyers can envision themselves in the space. We like to say in Texas, take down the college flags. This is the one time you need to be Switzerland!!

Question #4: Which repairs are expected to be taken care of by the seller?

Think about when your home goes under contract and its time for inspection. Before you list your home, Elizabeth suggests taking care of these 5 things:






Everything else is not as important. You don’t need to caulk the tubs or fix the cracked tile. Just make sure those major issues are in order and there won’t be any surprise at closing. The small stuff won’t be a big deal when the major issues are in good shape. She does recommend you make sure every light bulb is working and holes are patched.

See what I mean?! What helpful information Elizabeth gave us! And even better, she’s willing to take on any of your individual questions via email or DM. You can reach her at elizabeth@rogershealy.com or on IG @elizabethxgleason. Let me know if this is helpful or if you have any other questions we didn’t answer. I’ll be over on her page answering questions about paint colors, décor trends and staging, so stay tuned! XO!


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