How to Style Our New Pillows

Ah, pillows! To me, throw pillows are the icing on the cake when it comes to design projects. They can add that pop of color you’ve been missing, they can be switched out seasonally, and they can tie a whole room together. They are an inexpensive accessory that shouldn’t be overlooked. When you have the wrong pillows, it can ruin the whole aesthetic you’re trying to accomplish.

There’s a method to the madness when styling pillows, and we will get to that, but first, allow me to introduce you to our NEW pillow collection over at I am so excited to have worked with Texas maker and entrepreneur Angela Sims of Laurel & Blush. Angela and I are two peas in a pod with our love of home décor and ambitious spirits. Her pillow covers are sewn right here in Texas and they are GORGEOUS. The attention to detail and quality is right in line with our shop and I knew I wanted to collaborate with her in this arena.

I drove down to Temple, TX (about three hours south of here) and we looked at fabric swatches, color palettes and potential vignettes for the collection. I’m so pleased with what we’ve put together. From: Susie will be the first retailer to roll out some of the NEW Fall pillows and I know you’ll be really pleased with the quality and craftmanship you receive.

And now to provide some helpful tips when styling your pillows:

Color. Start with a color scheme. What is the look you’re going for? Neutrals? Monochromatic? Bright? Choose about three main colors you want to bring in.

Layer. I like to layer the colors and patterns. What is the color of your sofa, chair or  headboard that you’re styling? This is going to be your foundation for the pillows and you don’t want that first pillow to get lost. Pick a complementary color on the opposite side of the colorwheel. So if your furntiture is dark upholstery then use a cream, linen pillow in the back. It should also be the largest. Next you’ll layer a smaller pillow with a pattern that is different than the one behind it. For example, don’t layer two striped pillows. Use one solid, one patterned, or two different patterns. If there’s room for a third pillow, try a different size altogether like a lumbar pillow or a round pillow and add some texture like tassels on the ends or some tufting in the middle.

Numbers. How many pillows do I use? Well it depends. On chairs I use one 20-22” or a lumbar pillow. On sofas I like one larger pillow in each corner (22”+) with a smaller pillow in front (18-20”). To make it extra chic, a third pillow on one of the sofa corners (usually a lumbar).

On a queen or full bed I will use two shams with a triangle of throw pillows in the front. So that means two larger pillows side by side and one smaller pillow front and center. Don’t forget the texture!

On a king I like three euros with two king shams and the same triangle of throws or a super long lumbar.

Inserts. The last bit of helpful info would be inserts. Always buy an insert that is larger than your pillow cover so that your pillows will look nice and full. I like these HERE.

And hi-ya! You are done. Now do a nice karate chop like so: Fluff the pillow between both of your hand so all the stuffing is evenly dispursed. Set the pillow where you want it and pull the top corners taut. Now, karate chop right down the middle (not too hard). Tada. You’re a pro pillow-styler. 


  1. Beth says:

    Such great tips Susie! Very helpful! Thank you 😊

  2. Pam says:

    Thanks! That’s helpful. Ordered a bunch of the new pillows to give my room a fall look. Excited to get them.

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