Must-Have Fall Trends – Leather

When designing our New Fall Collection, I wanted to incorporate neutral textural elements that could tie everything together and transition to the next season as well. Leather was the perfect fit. It brings in the hominess we remember when thinking of the Fall season and is a great backdrop to any decor scheme.

Our New Fall Collection includes leather products you can use in your home to easily incorporate this versatile texture with your Fall decor. 

A must-have to include is our Leather & Felt Pillow which instantly brings a chic look combining homey textures along with its black and white pattern that will pop in any space.

Or, for a more simple throw pillow to mix in, try our Cognac Leather Pillow Cover from our curated collection with Laurel and Blush. 

An easy addition to group with your existing decor is our Leather Wrapped Bottle. This brings in both shiny and muted details. You can use this in the kitchen or in shelf styling. I like pairing a couple together.

Another simple addition is our Pocket Apron with Leather which is great to have whether you love working in the garden or even to hang up in the kitchen or mudroom as wall decor. It’s a great gift especially when paired with our Terra Cotta Vase or Rustic Cutting Board

Lastly, a real showstopper that will not go unnoticed in your home is our new Terra Cotta & Leather Planter which combines two top Fall trends in one piece with leather and one of my personal favorites, terra cotta! Use real greenery or faux to add this boho element to any decor scheme. 

We offer both authentic and faux leather in our collection. Remember when incorporating real leather in your home to properly care for it to maximize the life span of your new items. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. If the leather gets dirty, use a soft dry or slightly damp cloth to lightly sweep off any dirt. 
  2. If your leather gets wet, gently dab, never rub! And allow the rest to air dry.

Until next time, Happy Shopping and enjoy the incoming season! xo!


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