Must-Have Fall Trends – Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta! Another one of my favorite Fall trends! Terra cotta blends well with almost any current decor because of its neutral color, which makes it the perfect addition to transition your decor into the Fall season. Its rustic elements give nod to nature and I love incorporating nature in every season. It reminds me of clay and mud and I like using anything earthen in the home.

A quick glance at its history: Terra Cotta dates back to the Ancient World. To make it, they use coarse, porous clay that holds a color ranging from a mustardy brown to a dark rust when fired. It had several uses in its earlier times such as for building-materials like bricks and roof tiles. It was also used later on to create sculptures and even for decorating buildings and structures. For its early uses, it was typically left unglazed, but once they started using it for decorating buildings and structures it was highly glazed and colored. Terra Cotta began as a material primarily for architectural uses. Nowadays however, it is most popularly used for pottery and home decor.  

Classic unglazed Terra Cotta is one of my favorite elements to add to home decor for Fall because it has a rust color that I associate with fall leaves. This is why our classic Terra Cotta Dishware is perfect to use when decorating your dining table, for shelf-styling, or on the kitchen countertop during the Fall season. I recommend placing greenery around it whether you group the three dishes together or let one stand alone in its glory. Try adding flowers in the Terra Cotta Crock!

Another great new Fall product is our Terra Cotta Planter! It combines two of my very favorite Fall trends of Terra Cotta (obviously) and leather. Hang it from your ceiling or from the wall and use real greenery or faux to add this boho element to any decor scheme.

Our Terra Cotta Pot in Wire Basket is also a great option to use with real plants. It also comes in three sizes! Herbs or our Wisteria Stem pair perfect with this piece. 

Glazed Terra Cotta is also a great Fall addition! These beautiful Terra Cotta Fluted Bowls come in both small and large sizes. Use the small one to hold anything from spices or sauces to jewelry. The large one is great for holding fruit and vegetables.

Another beautiful glazed Terra Cotta piece is our Decorative Bird Bowl. I think it looks great holding fruit or vegetables on top of a kitchen counter or styled on a shelf. I love both of these bowls because they are food safe.

When cleaning your unglazed terra cotta, do not use soap. It will soak into the pores of the clay. Instead, try using really hot water and a stiff brush. You could even use salt or baking soda to help clean it out. 


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