Must-Have Fall Trends – Rust


October is in full swing and fall decor is everywhere we look! Check out our checklist below for must-have trends this season. One no-brainer that I overlooked was RUST. Rust is a rich red/brown tone that is synonymous with Fall. 

We talked about terra cotta being a must-have trend this year, just know it is different than rust. Compare our Terra Cotta Dishware with our Chicken Feeder Center Piece. Texturally they are very different. Terra cotta tends to be raw and smoother while rust is variated and organic with a rough feel.

We have two pillows covers that fit into this theme from our Laurel and Blush Collection. First is (obviously) the Rust Velvet Pillow Cover, which is perfect for a Fall accent and pairs well with many other pillows in our collection. This rust velvet pillow cover is a rust color with velvet on both sides. The Halet Pillow Cover pairs great with the Rust Velvet cover to add some pattern to the mix. 

We also have a Rust Wool Blanket. This is a really thick blanket that has a gorgeous rust color with a faint blue pinstripe along the edges. This is one of my favorite throw blankets!

I also picked some rustic metal pieces. We have a Rustic Drying Rack which is great for next to your coffee bar to hang your mugs. It’s got that perfect red/brown color we’re aiming for. 

Also try filling our rusted Chicken Feeder Center Piece with mini pumpkins (like @traceyleedesigns did in this pic!), leaves, and stems, such as our Jimsonweed Bunch to really bring out the Autumn color tones in the rust. 

Go ahead and bring out any metal or rust colored pieces you have to use with your From: Susie Fall 2019 Collection products! xo!


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