Winter 2019

Winter & Christmas

I am so excited about this year’s Winter Collection at So much work goes into creating a collection of products and I wanted to give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we came upon this gorgeous collection.

Before we went to Dallas Market this summer, my assistant and I started finding things that gave us inspiration. We began to pull these into a mood board to see what trends and commonalities were presenting themselves.

Susie’s 2019 Winter Mood Board

I’m finding that I am always drawn to texture. You can see it in the chunky knits, the velvets, the rough birch wood and the prickly pines. I’m a tactile person, so I want to pick up things and feel them in my fingers. I think you’re going to love the assortment of textures we’ve selected. Velvets, felt, wood and paper. These different mediums are perfect to create layers in your décor.

Color is another big key factor in creating our collection. I was seeing lots of green, white and gold in the collection with pops of blue. One of my favorite pieces is our Ginger Jar Ornament Set. I don’t think I love any color combination more than blue and white for winter.

It was also so special to me to get to incorporate my grandmother’s vintage Chinoiserie pieces in my winter tablescape. Y’all know I like adding an antique touch.

I like finding a variation in size when I’m sourcing products for the store. That’s why you’ll find sets of 2 that offer a large and small size of the same product. For example our Snowy Trees in Birch. You get a 24″ and 32″ tall tree. When you pair these together it creates a visual break that makes vignettes so much more appealing. Try it and see!

The same goes for our garlands and picks. I like offering long greenery and shorter orbs for you to use through out your home. You can layer garlands on top of one another to create a thicker look, or add picks and stems to target specific areas that need pops of greenery. Make sure and invest in a couple different size options.

The last element that rounds out our Winter Collection is the element of sound. The classic Christmas carol lyrics, “Do you hear what I hear?”, confirms that we know what Christmas sounds like! And it sounds a lot like sleigh bells! You’re going to find lots of bells in our Collection this year. Take a look, or um, take a listen.

I think I’m going to make that last photo my Christmas card this year! How cute are those babes?! All photos in this post are credit of @cortneydaniphotography.

So when you’re looking to create your own “collection” of home décor products, think about those different elements I mentioned. Color, texture, size and even sound! You’ll end up with a really well-rounded and versatile assortment of goodies. xo!


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