Decorating your Christmas Tree

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We are officially entering the busiest time of the year, especially at our shop! Now that Thanksgiving is over, everyone’s ready to decorate their Christmas tree. So I have rounded up all of my top tips and tricks to give you guys. These will help make decorating your tree an easy, fun, and memorable Christmas tradition! 

The very first thing is if you’re going to be using an artificial tree, make sure to fluff every branch. Especially if it is coming out of a box or from the attic, it will be crumpled, so you will really want to unloosen those branches. This also goes for the bottom of the tree, don’t forget to fluff out the base!

If you need a tree skirt this year consider using a Throw Blanket. Just scrunch the blanket at the base of the tree, making it look extra unique.

One of my all time favorite tricks is to put a mirror behind the tree, so if you’ve got your tree up against a wall and you can hang a mirror that’s a great way to reflect all the lights and just give it that much more glimmer and glow! 

When you’re ready to decorate with ornaments, I say start with picks, some floral stems, or anything that can cover a large surface area. We used our Knotty Willow Stems, but any sort of floral stems is a great way to decorate. When you’re hanging ornaments be sure to pick all sorts of textures, don’t just use glass ornaments, you want wood, velvet, and matte. Just think out the box there! Also use the sentimental ornaments from your children and previous Christmases. 

So what you’ll want to do when decorating your tree is continuously stand back and look for any holes or eye sores. Where does your eye automatically go? If it’s a big blank spot, you’ll need to fill it in. Be sure not to hang two Ornaments that are just alike right next to each other, make sure to spread those out throughout the tree! 

Last but not least, you’ll want to pick a tree topper that’s special to you and your family! You can do a star or angel, whatever you choose! 

I Hope this helped make your holiday tradition a little easier and special! Let me know in the comments if these top tips and tricks were helpful. XO!


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