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I just returned from Atlanta market and I could NOT be more inspired! I will say, I was not a fan of this emerging trend in Dallas, but after seeing it so beautifully put together in Atlanta, I’ve converted. What was the difference in the two markets? Subtlety. Any style or trend that becomes too literal will look overdone. The key is always mixing just the right amount of the latest trend. So don’t go throwing out all your farmhouse decor just yet! I’ve pulled together all the looks that I’m seeing and wanna show you guys how to start incorporating this style that I’m calling “Modern British Colonial Farmhouse”.

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What we kept seeing over and over was an evolving style that gave major nods to British Colonial decor. The showrooms were made up of leather, natural elements such as rattan, bamboo, and my favorite, cane! I also saw lots of exotic animal prints, like zebra and leopard, spices (think coffee bags and tobacco leaves), massive, indoor palms, and BLACK. So much black! During the time that the British Empire was colonizing areas like the West Indies, the Caribbean, India and Africa we saw this look take shape. It’s a blending of traditional British style with indigenous materials from these more tropical climates.

What does this look like in home decor? Think cane-back, over-sized chairs with linen upholstery, botanical prints, plantation shutters, bamboo shades, canopy beds, bright green palm leaves both as stems and in art, zebra and leopard skins, ceiling fans, and Matisse style art.

c/o Pinterest

I’ve come up with some simple ways to incorporate this British Colonial style in your home. Remember we don’t want overkill. You just need a touch of things like…

Wallpaper. Grass cloth wallpaper to be exact. This is a timeless and elegant look and it’s subtle. It adds texture to your walls and comes in countless colors and designs. Trellis patterns will make a space more formal, while solid grasscloth can keep your room cozy and more casual.

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Found objects. When styling your shelves, be sure and incorporate pieces from these southern areas. Our Cigar Molds are a perfect way to add the color and vintage charm of the islands. Also look for decorative horns like water buffalo and mix it with vintage books of English literature.

Textiles. Animal Print and Leather Pillows will immediately add texture to your space. Incorporate antelope fabrics, faux furs, zebra stripe and leopard print. Pillows are the easiest place to add these patterns.

Wall Art. Botanical Prints are a great DIY project too if you’re feeling crafty. Find large, faux palms and frame them yourself. I personally love the gallery wall look. Also, tropical bird prints are a great staple. Frame a vintage print in a black modern frame to keep it looking classic and fresh.

Color. Well, it looks like black is the new black. The high contrast of black and creams is very British Colonial, so it was no surprise to see it at market. What’s nice is that we all got sucked in to very neutral decor, so throwing in black will immediately give you that pop that is so hot right now!

Greenery. Bright, green greenery was everywhere at market. I do think this is where things can get a little too trendy. Think about incorporating both classic stems with palms. Right now I’m crazy for Protea blooms with Eucalyptus stems.

Storage. Use a basket for everything. Baskets can hold fruit in the kitchen, throw blankets in the living room, craft supplies in the playroom, and so much more! We offer both NEW and vintage baskets in the shop!

If this feels like a complete 180 for you, don’t feel overwhelmed. I’m seeing lots of my favorite IGers start to incorporate this look. If you have a farmhouse style in your home, here’s some inspiration pics to give you an idea. Follow me on Instagram as we dive more in depth on this new transition. To shop Modern British Colonial style, follow me on LiketoKnow.it! XO!


  1. Jara says:

    I feel like this has been my desired look forever…glad it’s “on trend” – ha!!

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