Behind the Design: A look at our 626 project

I’m still getting goosebumps when I think about our first 626 project. It was such a thrill to find so many beautiful items to transform this house into a home! I’m going room by room to tell you guys how we turned this empty space into a single mom’s sanctuary. Be sure and watch our full video HERE too. If you’d like to help support our efforts you can donate at

Living Room

In the living area it was all about form, function, but also aesthetics. We went with a darker sofa to hide stains and maintain it’s durability. We’ve sectioned it off and created a craft area so that mom could see through the pass way while doing dishes in the kitchen. They are very much into painting and coloring, so they loved this dedicated space. 

One of the first divine blessings came from scoring this amazing rug from Loloi Rugs! This is the Ivory/Ocean from the Claire Collection! I love the subtle colors and how it ties everything together. A gorgeous rug like this grounds the space and adds colors and warmth to the room. You can shop this rug below and all of the products used on LikeToKnow.IT/fromsusie.

Mom’s Room

For our single mom I wanted to create a spa like sanctuary. Something very calming, soothing, and a place that was all her’s. A place that didn’t have toys everywhere, where she could come to at the end of the day and just relax. I think we accomplished that here. 

Little Girl’s Bedroom

In the little girl’s room we wanted to design the room with what she likes the most which is unicorns, like any other little girl. We wanted it to have that fairy tale type scheme, so we had custom wallpaper made. The ultimate plan was to make this room unique to her. We put a little tent in one corner of the room that created a castle like area that she could read to herself or to her mother.  

Boy’s Bedroom

For the little boy’s room we knew that he is into super hero and comics. He’s going to be 8, so we wanted to make his room bright and sort of give him that energy of I can conquer the world. We’ve done decals on his wall, we even found some vintage comics, created a space for him to do homework and then topped it off with a nerf gun section. 

Here’s the before and after of every room

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    Oh, Susie! What glorious items; it all has me drooling. 🙂

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