Guide to Coffee Table Styling

Coffee tables are a place to display more personality with your style. You can go out of the ordinary with your accessories while also maintaining function and purpose with other pieces, which is why coffee table styling takes some thought. Here, I’ve taken the guess-work out of it.

Books & Magazines for Guests to Browse

I like to start out with some design books or magazines. They are perfect to create varied heights by stacking them. Depending on how much space your coffee table will allow, you can use multiple stacks of books or magazines. These will be pretty and purposeful as you can pick books with colors that tie into your decor scheme and also provide something for your guests to browse through. 

Large Decor Piece for a Focal Point

Next, I want to create more of a focal point that also has some height to it. I would use an object such as a vase or lantern. If using a vase, incorporate some florals or stems to keep your living room looking fresh. 

Fig Stem

Marble Lotus Votive

German Bread Basket

Ribbed Clay Vase

Seasonal Fruit or Candy for the Little Ones

Here, I brought in a basket with some fruit. I love this look to make your coffee table more seasonal! Bring in your favorite seasonal fruits or even candy for the little ones that will add some more color to the space.

Trays & Baskets for Storage

Then, give your living area some more functionality by bringing in trays and baskets to group decorative objects and store things like remotes and drinks. 

Decorative Object for Personality

My favorite part is to bring in a unique object. Display it on your tray along with the vase or bowl or on top of your books and magazines. This is the place to display any fun conversation starters or family heirlooms in your home whereas it may not fit in anywhere else. These fun pieces will really draw attention to your table. 

Styling a coffee table is an art, combining pieces that have various heights and adding in the right colors, creating juxtapositions with different textures and materials. Have fun with it using objects you have and finding new pieces to incorporate. Shop for your coffee table at! xo! Photos by Courtney Dani Photography


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