Growing Herbs

One of my favorite seasons has finally started to peak around here in Texas with the warmer weather we’ve had lately. This season is exciting to me because it’s the best time to start your own garden or even plant new seeds in your existing garden! I like to plant herbs during this time of year because they are easy to take care of and take your cooking at home to a new level! 

If a green thumb doesn’t come naturally to you but you love the idea of keeping your own garden, I’ve given you some basics to build on here with my favorite herbs! 


Rosemary, being a perennial, thrives in a southern garden. This is a very versatile plant because it will grow almost anywhere from in-ground gardens to planters. One of the best times to plant rosemary is in the Spring after the last frost. If you’re growing it in the ground, consider mixing natural soil with compost and other organic matter from your yard. Also, plant in a sunlight-rich area. If growing in a container, a bagged potting mix works well. Rosemary should be watered regularly, however, you should allow the soil to dry out between waterings. For harvesting, snip no more than a third of the stem a time with gardening shears. 


Cilantro is also an easy herb to grow either in an in-ground garden or container and the best times to plant are in the cooler times of spring or fall. Even though you should wait to plant herbs after the last possible frost, the leaves of cilantro actually withstand a light frost. If in-ground, be sure and plant the seeds away from others where they can reseed. It also needs to be in an area that is abundant in sunlight, but an afternoon shade also helps in a warmer area like Texas. The soil should be kept moist. Harvest cilantro once the leaves are large enough to eat. 


Sage is a great herb to grow at home and use in your kitchen because of its intense flavor and the larger the leaves grow, the more the flavor intensifies. This herb grows well in a large range of climates and areas and grows for a long season. Plant it in direct sunlight. If indoors, keep the plant near a window that gets a lot of sun. Sage is fairly drought-tolerant and doesn’t require much water. If its leaves appear wilted, it only takes a little water to help them perk back up. Before giving the plant a good watering, wait until the soil is thoroughly dry. 


Basil is another great herb to grow for cooking because it’s so versatile. It is a tender annual so planting it in the Spring between now and early May is crucial because it’s sensitive to cold weather. Basil grows well either in containers or an in-ground garden. Well-drained, moist soil is best for this herb. Water it towards the base when you can feel that the soil is dry. Mixing some compost with the soil when initially planting it wouldn’t hurt, however, basil will lose some of its intense flavor if the soil is too rich. 5-6 hours of sunlight a day that isn’t the intense midday sun is best for basil. This is a great harvest-as-you-go kind of plant where you can pick off leaves as you need, but also harvesting mass clippings of basil doesn’t hurt it, which is why this herb is great.

All four of these plants are great whether you are planting indoors or outdoors and each are used many ways in the kitchen. These are also great herbs you can plant between now and early May. Shop from our variety of planters from! You’ll find a great selection of sizes whether you’re only planting a single herb (consider the Tin Planter) or multiple herbs that you want to grow in larger amounts (use the Double Planter or the Galvanized Leaf Bowl).


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