My Summer Mantel Refresh

Hey girl, hey! The seasons are changing and I decided to refresh my mantel for Summer! When I think of Summer I think of fresh greenery, whites and neutrals contrasting with brighter colors and natural elements like terra cotta and wood. I definitely wanted to use all of the NEW products we listed at and I think it turned out great!

To start your styling you’re going to want to add height. I used a tall cream colored vase on the end and filled it with a few of our Orange Stems to bring in a pop of color. I recommend using greenery with color like this to keep it interesting. 

Next, to add a touch of vintage, I brought in our antique Dutch Tulip Crate and placed it off-center towards the side of the mantel. This creates the perfect backdrop to our vignette. 

To contrast the dark color of the Tulip Crate, I added one of our family photos that has a lot of green in it with a bright cream frame around. This also ties into the cream colored vase on the opposite side of the mantel. 

Keeping with the vintage theme, I placed two seltzer bottles (one with mesh and one without) next to the taller vase to create varied heights. Their rich green color keeps the consistency throughout the vignette. 

For a seasonal touch, I brought in an antique Terra Cotta Vase filled with Tulip Stems from the Spring Seasonal Decor Box to put on the other side of the mantel. I love these colors together for Summer!

To complete the look, I added a stack of books that are turned around to see only the pages and placed a terra cotta candle on top which ties into the terra cotta vase on the end. 

I’m so happy with how my Summer Mantel turned out! I kept the colors consistent throughout by sticking to earth tones, cream, different shades of green, terra cotta, and pops of color from the flowers (which really grab the colors from my family photo). You can shop Orange Stems, Dutch Tulip Crates, Mesh Seltzer Bottles, and Vintage Turkish Pots all at! Tell me about your Summer mantel decor in the comments below! xo!

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