Styling Trays

There’s a reason I carry so many trays at They are truly the most versatile piece of decor you can own. However, some of my clients struggle with knowing how to style their trays so I’m putting together another how-to to help you guys out! 

The most common spots for a tray in your home include coffee tables, side tables, buffets, bathroom counters and at the end of your bed. In these spots you can use them for functionality as well as decor. For example, use a tray to gather  your perfume bottles and jewelry on the bathroom counter or on the bed with your favorite book and a lavender scented candle. 

The ways in which you can use your tray are endless. They can serve as a charcuterie board, a server, a backdrop in your decor, or even as a bar cart (be sure and add  some coasters).

And anything can be a tray! If you don’t have a tray at home you can use a shutter, a cutting board, or even a shallow basket

To accessorize the tray, start with a tall piece, such as a candlestick or two. Then to add varying height, pick some of your favorite books to stack together. Next, add in some seasonal greenery to fill in. Then use a vintage piece or some fun beads to complete the look. 

One thing to keep in mind when styling a tray is that it can be simple, so don’t overthink the pieces you include. The tray could even be used to just hold a few magazines. 

Some of my favorite trays are our Gold Banded Tray, Round Board, Copper Tray, Raw Tray with Leather Handles, and Steel Handle Slatted Tray. Some other pieces to use as trays are our Handmade Noodle Board, Decorative Shutter, Lazy Susan, Rustic Cutting Board and Dutch Tulip Crate. Tell me all the ways you use your trays in the comments below! xo!


  1. Amy says:

    Love the ideas and the car of handmade trays

  2. Jill says:

    Amazing ideas Susie! I will try the one for the bed !❤️

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