Summer Bar Tablescape

This summer we are thinking a bit outside the box and creating a tablescape on the kitchen island instead of the dining room table. At our house, we hardly ever eat at the table so I thought, why not “set” the bar. 

The larger your island, the easier this will be. At each barstool or counter stool, start with chargers or placemats to create place settings. Here we’ve used our Lattice Works chargers. They are made here in Texas and perfect year round. The lattice pattern makes these chargers feel airy and yet the solid wood makes them very substantial. 

I like to choose to either let my plates bring in color or the napkins. Personal preference, but you can always do both. I’ve said in the past, you just need to be sure that one element is solid in color to break up too many patterns. Here we used our Grass Green Napkins from the Summer Decor Box. These are no longer available, but you can get your order in for the Fall Decor Box

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Layered on top of the napkins are a solid white plate. On top of the plate we used our Marble Salt Cellars to create miniature planters for our Dendrobium Drop-Ins. I love adding a bit of greenery to each place setting. It ties in the green napkins and the natural wood elements in the chargers. 

The beauty of a bar tablescape is that everyone is facing the same direction so you don’t have to worry about your centerpiece blocking conversations. That being said, I do suggest that your centerpiece be functional. So use a tiered tray that can also be used for food service or a large pitcher of sangria and a Dough Bowl full of fruits. If you prefer a simple floral arrangement, that works too. Consider putting the centerpiece off center. This will look great especially if you have a sink or stove in the middle of your island. 

Do you think you would set a tablescape on your kitchen bar/island? I think my kids really enjoyed it. It felt a bit fancier for them but without the full on formal dinner feel of sitting in the dining room. Summer is all about keeping it causal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t pack some WOW! factor too. XO!


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