Summer Sangria Recipe

Sangria Wine is my favorite Summer spritzer! Its refreshing taste makes it a great party drink in the heat of the Summer season.

I like to make Sangria a center piece on the kitchen bar or table because the rich red color next to plenty of citrus fruit slices is just gorgeous. I’m sharing my signature Sangria recipe that is sure to become a favorite of yours too!

You can find everything to complete your centerpiece at To keep your Sangria bar all together, I recommend placing your glasses, straws, and garnishes on our Long Bread Board or around our Extra Large European Pine Board. Use our Sectioned Dough Bowls as a unique way to hold your citrus fruit and display your sliced fruit on our Sweet Gum Cutting Board or Heart Cutting Board. To keep with the citrus theme, use the Lemon Tea Towel with your center decor for an added textile or for a fun plant, add our New Lemon Topiary! Tell me about your favorite Summer drink in the comments below! xo!


  1. Julie Mulvaney says:

    The sangria sounds delicious!! Wonder how it would be with white wine?

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