Our Latest 626 Home

We just finished the latest 626 Foundation project. This house, despite all our Covid challenges, ended up more beautiful than we imagined. Most importantly, our single mom is so happy and now has a place to call her own. 

Living Room

It was really fun to do a bright, colorful room for this family! The mother likes color so I wanted to make sure to incorporate it throughout the home. When you first enter the home you see the sofa facing the TV so immediately I knew we could position a rug with color in that space. Which then quickly became a focal point of the whole living space. Plus, it made it easier for the colors to transition to each space.

Dining Area

When we started to talk about the dining area the mother mentioned she wanted a space for her china and decor to be displayed. The bookshelf we used for this is the Billy Bookcase from Ikea. This is great if you’re needing to watch your budget. It comes in dark blue which is a perfect match to the drapes we paired it with. Once all decor was added to the bookcase we noticed that it prevented any natural light to come in. We added puck lights with a remote to each shelf to bring in light. To read more about shelf styling you can check out my blog post: How To Style Shelves.

The dining area got a new light fixture and so did the bar.

Mother’s Bedroom

Every mother’s bedroom is especially important to us. Our main focus is to first create a space that’s comfy and at the same time functional. We want to cater to the mother’s bedroom for obvious reasons. Every mother deserves a place they whine down and rest in at the end of the day.

Boy’s Playroom

When you first enter this room we noticed the possibilities were endless. The mom really wanted to incorporate dinosaurs. I mean, what six-year-old boy doesn’t like dinosaurs, right?! Once we established which wall would be the accent wall with a custom dinosaur mural we were able to then start sectioning off different parts of the room. Below, you can see the kid-sized tent that was set up to establish a reading area.

This little boy loved his custom playroom and mama is so happy to see her boy smile.


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