How to Decorate for Spring

featuring our From: Susie Spring Decor Box

Each season, I create a box packed full of gorgeous home decor curated with American makers, artists & vintage finds. This include pieces that tell a story, while all functioning beautifully in your home.

The goal of our home decor box is to show others how to decorate their home with confidence. Therefore, I include accessories that are classic, yet typically change each season. For example, candles, florals and textiles like pillows & throw blankets are often switched up every few months to engage our senses for the new season. In addition, you will find staple decor pieces that make a permanent place in your home like trays, cutting boards, candlesticks and vases.

Whether you are here to learn how to decorate your home or style the items in your From: Susie Spring Decor Box, here are some of my best tips to decorate for Spring featuring everything from our decor box.

Start with a neutral color palette.

Neutral furniture and decor will always remain timeless. In addition, it provides a simple backdrop for any seasonal or holiday touches that you may add.

Throw Blanket

The Spring throw is a warm pecan color made from woven yarns by Bedroom Cottage, a father-son owned business in New Hampshire. It is the subtle, earthy hint of Spring… like seeds awaiting planting.

Pairing seasonal colors and textures in pillows and throw blankets is an easy way to freshen up a space, while creating a sense of coziness in your home. For Spring, I lean towards colors that are often found in nature, yet don’t scream one season over another. This allows me to slowly transition my decor, while hanging onto pieces I fall in love with.

Garden Caddy

The Made in Texas garden caddy is made of natural, neutral tones of recycled fir and a copper patina steel handle. It functions as a caddy for kitchen accessories, crate for garden tools or planter for fresh herbs. Plus, it can used to hold books, style a mini bar, or act as a catchall in a mudroom.

Using a tray or caddy on the kitchen counter or coffee table makes your decor feel less cluttered by appearing as one object rather than many. In addition, it is easier to move items when cooking, serving or cleaning.

Here are a few of my favorite handmade crates and trays for styling!

French Water Pitcher

This handmade water pitcher is inspired by French zinc pitchers and crafted in white stoneware clay, by Melissa Reddick of Modern History Clayworks. Unique marks created from its time on the potters wheel separate each one from the next.

Handmade pottery is an artwork itself, but the vessel can be used as a carafe, vase for fresh flowers or a watering jug for indoor plants. However, if you have a piece of pottery that you love, simply display it on open shelves or in a Spring vignette with a potted plant and a seasonal candle.

Add natural materials to give life to your home.

Decorate with fresh or faux florals and plants, warm wood accents, and pull the curtains back to allow the light to stream in.

Bud Bread Board

The Made in Texas wooden bread board is a smaller, lightweight board that is perfect for slicing herbs or as a single serving tray. The board itself is the shape of a bud, a growth from a tip of a stem, representing the start of something new that happens each Spring.

Bread or cutting boards are not only an asset to a well used kitchen, but the wood tone adds warmth when layered against a tiled backsplash or stacked up in a favorite crate. In addition, boards are great for serving while entertaining family and friends.

From: Susie Signature Candle

The soy wax candle is made from two local favorites, hand poured by 8FD Designs and The Wright House, who handmade the ceramic vessel on a potter’s wheel and kiln fired the ceramic pot with a green glaze.

Candles are key to styling the coffee table. They can really uplift your mood, especially when you burn seasonal scents. Plus, this container can be repurposed into a planter for seeds or plants.

Leather Hangers

This pair of leather hangers is sourced from Wickett & Craig, one of only two vegetable tanneries left in the United States. My goal was to create simple handles and 8FD Designs made this vision happen with hand cut strips of leather and brass screws.

It’s design is modern and simple, but the possibilities to use this duo are endless! For instance, use this hanger for plants, towels or attach to the side of the kitchen counter. Or, pair them up to make a one of a kind towel bar.

Decorate with seasonal elements.

Spring elements can include motifs that remain subtle and welcome the tenderness of the season, while reminiscing of the past. For example, think beyond bunnies and blooms to fresh herbs sitting in the kitchen window or clothespins holding laundry on a bright Spring day.

Herb Seed Packets

Growing herbs from seeds is a great hands on activity included in the Spring Decor Box. It will require some patience, but there’s nothing quite like sowing and reaping your own fresh ingredients. The herb seed packets include basil, chive & dill from from the Main Street Seed & Supply Co of Bay City, MI.  Simply, push seeds into a seed starting potting mix, keep moist and place container in indirect sunlight. Once seeds sprout, move slowly to a sunnier location and let Mother Nature do what she does best. 

In addition, the herb seed packets are artfully illustrated by the From: Susie team to be displayed after use. For example, the prints can be placed at each setting on a Spring table or framed for a Spring displays.

Find our Spring selection of galvanized metal and wood planters, here.

Clothespin Tea Towel  

Tea towels made from cotton flour sacks and decorated with artwork of wooden clothespins pay tribute to the labor of love of generations before us. My grandmother, Norma Robb Thomason, and memories of her mother inspired the design which is custom made by watercolor artist Katie Curry from Honey Brush Designs.

Not only is this tea towel absorbent, it looks beautiful styled in the kitchen. Hang it on the cabinets with our leather hangers, place it in a wood caddy with fresh herbs, or fold it onto a tray with a plant and water pitcher.

Homemade – The Maker’s Almanac

Each issues features styling tips for our latest seasonal products, personal stories from those who inspire, recipes, home renovations, and a look at our talented makers and artists. You can access the digital copy, here.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Before parting, head over to the From: Susie shop to see what’s new for Spring from our selection of faux greenery to handmade products and vintage finds!


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