Our First Team Retreat

Ben & Lynne McCall, Cortney Hostin, Amy Williams, Susie Robb, Raegen Hain, Sarah Gay, Lauren Sigala, Ashley Slater

Last weekend we wrapped up our very first From: Susie team retreat! I am so proud to see this business expanding and moving forward. I reached the point where it was time to bring on more people to fill the multiple roles I have been playing. The more we grow, the need for a team of people to help manage this brand grew as well. I’m confident in the team of women who have come on board and I cannot wait to see what we will accomplish as a team. 

For this retreat, we needed a place to gather to establish the brand, identity, and vision, and discuss our next steps moving forward. Not all the team is local, so with many coming in town we needed a place to host us for the weekend that we could stay in that also had a good meeting space. The Sinclair Hotel in Fort Worth was the perfect host for our retreat. When collaborating with the team, I wanted an exciting atmosphere. This hotel is visually inspiring and the surrounding environment really helps spark creativity. The Boardroom we met in is spacious and equipped with anything you’d need like AV equipment, wi-fi, a stocked drink fridge, plenty of outlets inside the table, and seats so many! This room is an extension of the beautiful design throughout the hotel. Not to mention we were right next to everything for the time in between our meetings.

We were in the perfect central location. The Sinclair is walking distance to Sundance Square, Bass Hall, and the Fort Worth Convention Center. Downtown Fort Worth is a mecca of great places to eat and shop. It’s also a fun place to walk around with many historic buildings and sights. Walking up to the historic Sinclair is nothing short of this excitement and it instantly provides the feeling of luxury we all love. As a designer, I just enjoy being in beautiful places and this place is a dream. Think 20s & 30s historic with trendy touches here and there.

All throughout the hotel, you’ll find the latest technology to fulfill your needs. From your elevator ride, to the lights, shades, and curtains in your room, it’s all adjusted with the touch of a button. It doesn’t stop there. In the bathroom, you have the ability to check the weather and news, play music, find hotel amenities, and explore Fort Worth all from the vanity mirror. This was obviously perfect for my morning jam session getting ready in the mornings. Start or finish off the day with the most relaxing shower in your life. You choose the exact temp and light settings! 

The guest rooms invite you right in and make you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed (stocked with robes and slippers, of course). The dark elements of wood and leather, and other rich browns mixed with touches of gold make you want to stay inside forever and enjoy the stunning design. 

Right off the lobby is the Wicked Butcher Restaurant & Bar. You slip downstairs from the main floor bar and you’re met with the most eye-catching underground restaurant. Its speak-easy feel, being below the hotel just completes the 20s & 30s vibe. The food and dessert really is incredible too. Their signature dishes bring you right back to the luxury you walk in on at first glance of the hotel. Topped off with great service, these meals were unforgettable. 

During our stay, every need was met immediately with the most friendly hotel staff that feel like your friends. No request is too much of an ask for them and they gladly take care of it with a smile on their face. This was key in allowing us to just focus on meeting with each other and planning efficiently with the time we had. 

My hope was for this first team retreat to be a memorable one and being in the right place with the most alluring atmosphere made it even more special than I imagined. Each of us had a blast enjoying the Sinclair together. We will always look back on this time we shared with such a full heart. 

I could not recommend the Sinclair Hotel enough. You’ll experience first hand the inviting and luxurious spirit throughout the whole building. Whether it’s a weekend getaway, dinner & drinks for girls night, or business trip, come and enjoy all they have to offer. 

The retreat weekend accomplished a lot. We planned, we set goals, we ate… a lot, we relaxed a little, and we conquered! Keep following along for all the new and exciting things coming up. I’m really excited to share with you what we’ve been busy working on and I just know you’re gonna love it too! xo!


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