Mother’s Day Gift Basket Ideas

Mothers show love by sharing their gifts, whether it is cooking a homemade meal for family, making a home feel welcome to loved ones,  or entertaining friends. To celebrate the important women in my life, I enjoy creating personalized gift baskets for them. It’s the best feeling to make someone I adore feel special and appreciated.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I have rounded up some popular Mother’s Day gift basket ideas. But first, I am sharing my tips to put together an amazing gift basket. Plus, the formula I use!


How to Create Amazing Gift Baskets

When planning any gift basket, first determine the theme to provide direction in choosing the contents. The theme can be based on the gift recipient’s interests or the occasion. For example, the mom who loves to cook or Mother’s Day.

Next, choose items that appeal to the form of art and the function of purpose! This ensures that gifts will either be well loved and or used often. In addition, I like to personalize the basket with the gift recipient’s favorite snack, flowers, or candle.

Of course, I love supporting makers, artists and antique dealers by purchasing handmade, artisan and vintage goods!

Then, select a container as the base. However, think outside the box, because the container can be a gift in itself! For instance, use a serving tray, wicker basket, decorative bowl, tote bag, wooden crate, or garden planter.

Then, arrange the items in the basket from tallest to shortest. To add height to the basket, use filler like crinkle paper or crumpled Kraft paper. Next, wrap the basket in cheesecloth for a more eco-friendly option than cellophane. Lastly, tie a bow with jute, linen, cotton, or leather.


Formula for Amazing Gift Baskets

Creative Container + Something Decorative + Something Functional + Personal Favorite

Mother’s Day Gift Guide:

Gift Basket Ideas for Moms

For the Mom who Loves the Country Life

Copper Bucket + Artisan Block + Tea Towel

For the Mom who Loves to Decorate

Made in Texas Wood Tray + Floral Notecards + Bubble Vase

For the Mom who Loves to Entertain

Serving Tray + Marble Cake Stand + Marble Cheese Board

For the Mom who Loves to Read

Handled Tray + Cozy Throw + Marble Book Ends

For the Mom who Loves to Cook

Bread Basket + Vegetable Artwork + Cookbook Stand

For the Mom who Loves to Bake

Glass Serving Dome + Vintage Sweet Molds + Measuring Spoons

For the Mom who Loves to Travel

Market Tote + Artful Notecards + Picture Frame

For the Mom who Loves to Indulge

Marble Trays + White Woven Throw + Seasonal Candle

For the Mom who Loves Wine

Short Serving Tray + Olive Tea Towel + Marble Coasters

For the Mom who Loves Flowers

Concrete Pipe Planter + Floral Art + Floral Pillow Cover

For the Mom who Loves Plants

Wood Crate Planter + Potted Mint + Herb Tea Towel

For the Mom who Loves Nature

Wood Stump Bowl + Cave Calcite + Leaf Inspired Bowl Set

For the Mom who Loves Gold

Gold Lantern Set + Gold 626 Necklace + Gold Vase

For the Mom who Loves Blue

Vintage Potato Basket + Blue Decorative Cutting Board + Vintage Bowls

For the Mom who Loves Modern Design

Bread Boards + Designer Pillow Covers + Metal Lanterns

For the Mom who Loves Boho Style

Woven Baskets + Rudraksha Strand Beads + Terrazzo Pot


Thank you for stopping by the blog for a look at some of my favorite finds from my curated collection of home goods! I hope you enjoyed these gift basket ideas and feel inspired to put together your own the next time you are gift giving. It really adds a personal touch that the gift recipient will appreciate.


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