Maker Spotlight: Mary Gregory

Mary and David Gregory are a husband and wife team. Mary paints. David builds.

Mary has always been a creative soul. However, it wasn’t util her two daughters were grown that she pursued her artistic career. In 2011, she launched her painting business in her hometown of Abilene, Texas. Several years later, Mary moved her painting studio into a barn that David renovated on their farm.

Painting is Mary’s way of capturing elements of nature and scenes from her country home. Her paintings range from still lives of beautiful floral arrangements and portraits of friendly farm animals to serene landscapes of big sky filled pastures. Some of Mary’s favorite subjects include birds, nests, feathers, botanicals, churches and barns. She predominantly works in acrylic paints, but creates mixed media pieces, as well.

Recently, Mary began to offer online painting workshops. Her goal is not only to teach others the technical aspects of acrylic painting, but to find one’s own unique style. All the while, encouraging others to see the beauty in God’s creations, nature and the simple things that make life satisfying.

Not only is Mary an artist, but believer, observer and naturalist. She can often be found wandering the fields of Texas wildflowers or observing the intricacies of a newly constructed bird’s nest on her rural property. Mary states that ‘we live in a beautiful world and much of it, especially the small things, goes unnoticed. It is my joy to point them out.”

David is in charge of production. Therefore, each piece of art is printed and framed in their studio. Not only do they offer prints on canvas, but wood, and in the form of artful notecards, flour sack towels and calendars. Custom framed art pieces can be purchased online, at Mary Gregory Studio.

When not creating art, Mary and David travel the country to some of the biggest and most prestigious art shows and festivals to sell their work. Mary has been invited to author and antique collector Kim Leggett’s City Farmhouse Show in Franklin, Tennessee. In addition, they travel to many of the Country Living Fairs including those in Tennessee, Ohio, Georgia and Vintage Market Days events all over the southern United States. Shows like Round Top Antiques Fair in Round Top, Texas can last two weeks, and take days to set up. Living the dream is definitely a combined effort.

It was in Round Top, Texas that Susie fell in love with Mary’s artwork and immediately knew that she wanted to showcase Mary’s paintings in her Summer collection. Mary’s floral prints are the epitome of a country garden, light and airy brushstrokes, muted and neutral hues with a particular softness of a lazy Summer day. Her other paintings of wide open spaces and tiny country churches just felt like scenes from the trip to Round Top.

If you gather one thing from Mary, it is to take time to stop and smell the roses. Take a walk outside. Gather flowers from a field. Watch the butterfly’s journey. Listen to the birds sing. Watch the clouds float by. Pet the neighbor’s donkey. Her name is Jenny. Notice the beauty of God’s creations. You are His best work. Mary’s work is simply recreating the work of art that God has created in nature.

At Shop From: Susie, you can find art prints and cards from Mary Gregory.


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