Real Estate Tips for Sellers

Recently, I met with one of Dallas’ top-producing agents, Elizabeth Gleason, to talk about real estate. Today, I am sharing those real estate tips with y’all. From the top 5 things to fix before you list your home to what three traits you need in a realtor, here’s our best advice for sellers!

It’s no doubt a seller’s market! I just sold my home near Dallas, Texas, over asking price in 48 hours!

Three Traits You Need in a Real Estate Agent

Find a real estate agent that will be your partner during this process. First, you want to make sure that you trust the person you’re hiring. You need to feel like your agent is on your side and working hard to help you find a great home. Second, you want a realtor who is an expert in the market for YOUR area and can leverage that knowledge to your benefit. Third, use an agent who communicates well; someone to answer all your emails, texts, and calls and makes you feel like a priority.

  1. Trust – Someone that has your interest at heart!
  2. Knowledge – Not only knowledge of the current market, but location, trends, etc…
  3. Communication – Someone that is going to keep you updated and informed!

Curb Appeal & First Impressions

When people are interested in home buying, they typically drive by homes beforehand. In addition, during showings, they make a decision within the first 30 seconds of entering a home. Therefore, first impressions are important.

Simple things like cleaning the entrance, adding fresh mulch, keeping the lawn mowed, and a new coat of paint on the front door will go a long way to create a ‘wow’ factor with buyers.

Next, ensure the home for sale is clean, decluttered and depersonalized. This will make it easier for buyers to visualize themselves in the space. In addition, make sure the home looks, feels and smells nice! When showing the home, open all the window blinds to allow the most light in and burn a light scented candle to neutralize any odors.

5 Things to Fix Before Listing Your Home

Inspectors will focus on HVAC – heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, foundation, and roofing. It is a good idea to replace any lightbulbs, so the inspector doesn’t have any hesitation that electrical is working. Therefore, make sure these five things are in the best condition, so the home passes inspection after offers come in. Once these major issues are in order, it will prevent any delays in the selling process.

You don’t have to fix everything that may be potentially replaced or repaired by future buyers in order to upkeep a home. For example, don’t worry about a cracked tile, small nail holes or recaulking all the bathtubs. However, to present your home in its best light, consider hiring a handyman for repairs like large holes in the wall, which may visually impact the owners perspective.

Fix or List It As Is

Rooms that sell the home are the kitchen and bathroom. Therefore, it’s important to have those rooms updated in neutral selections to appeal to a variety of buyers. So, choose neutrals that are classic, clean and understated like white subway tile.

However, don’t think that everything has to be updated for a house to sell, well. If wall paint or floors are worn or outdated, give an allowance to the buyers in the purchase agreement. Perhaps, choose a few samples to leave out during home showings for potential buyers. In addition, consider virtual staging of the home to provide a visual for homebuyers.

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