Maker Spotlight: 8fD

Ben and Lynne McCall, from 8fD Designs, have created quite the creative compound 64 miles outside of Dallas in the small town of Decatur, Texas. After one visit to the workshop, you’ll be covered in saw dust and inspiration.

The 32,000 square foot building houses machinery for woodworking, welding, screen printing, and other skilled crafts. For example, leatherwork and candle making stations have recently been added. In addition, 8fD’s offices, retail spaces and rooms for private paint parties are located there. Therefore, it is hub for creativity!

The Beginning of 8FD

Ben McCall began his work as a craftsman at 10 years old, helping his father build their family home. The work grew into building homes for others to acting as the general contractor. After college, the work developed into McCall’s own shutter company in the 1990’s.

Ben’s woodworking business has evolved into 8fD Designs where he creates original products for designers, architects, tv personalities and other large retailers. Yep, even the queen of design!

Lynne McCall joined 8fD Designs full time in 2014 after retiring from the corporate world. This duo is frequently adding resources to create new product categories for their clients.

A True American Maker

There isn’t a project that Ben shies away from. His constant curiosity is reflected in the ever growing scope of what is now 8fD Designs. He has taught himself to weld, screen print and work with digital art. Most recently, Ben has added leatherwork and candle making into his skillset.

When asked if his curiosity is sparked by the mechanics of all the things, Ben corrects you, “no, I am fascinated with all the possibilities!’ He is a genuine maker, craftsman and artist.

In 2019, Ben and Lynne approached me about creating products for my home decor shop. Consequently, they are the key component in the direction that I have taken the shop to support local and handmade products.

Their ability to create products that I design, exclusive to our shop, has resulted in more meaningful and intentional experiences for my customers. Therefore, you can always find a few handmade pieces from Ben and his crew in my Seasonal Decor Box.

The Made in Texas Exclusive Collection at is crafted entirely by the crew at 8fD Designs. So, here are a few of my personal favorites that I use when decorating or staging homes.

To see the latest pieces that Ben has created, follow Ben and Lynne McCall on Instagram @8fd_designs.


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