Motorized Window Shades & Blinds by 3 Day Blinds

There’s something futuristic about these window shades and blinds!

When I first saw Robert’s house, I knew it needed quite a bit of updating. However, we were just dating at the time, so I kept my thoughts to myself.

Over the course of our relationship, he would ask my opinions and ideas. Then, six months into our courtship, we took on remodeling his kitchen. He hired me as his designer. I was able to create the most gorgeous chef’s kitchen for him… and as it turns out, for myself too! Robert and I are getting married August 1st. So, his home is now my home, too. That means more updating and renovating to make this house happy and functional for all seven of us!

Window Shades and Blinds

High on the list of upgrades were Robert’s window treatments. He had manual, fabric roller shades along the back of the house. Plus, a myriad of window shades and blinds in the front. Some windows had dark wood blinds, or accordion blinds, and others had sheer drapery. I knew that we needed to create a cohesive look throughout the house to tie in the previous updates. Therefore, we selected window treatments from 3 Day Blinds which far exceeded my expectations.

Along the back of the house, I chose the Light Filtering Motorized Roller Shade in Bask Cream. The walls have recently been painted Worldly Gray at 50% formula. Therefore, the Bask Cream is the perfect compliment to the walls. Because these aren’t 100% opaque, we are able to get in natural light and see silhouettes of our gorgeous backyard.

Being able to control the shades from our phones and smart devices has been such a convenience! I love setting timers for them to go up and down automatically throughout various times of the day. Plus, the kids feel like magicians when they can control the shades! Motorization & Home Automation, Room Darkening, or Child Safety

I’m super grateful for the Design Consultant, Sama Alrubaye, who gave me such confidence in my design selections for these treatments! Not to mention the expert installers who answered all of our questions to create the totally seamless look I was going for!

Cordless Roller Shades

Throughout our relationship, Robert and I have continued to update the house including the exterior. The home has a Miami vibe! We recently painted the stucco in Grecian Ivory, which is framed with new palm trees and red mulch. For the windows along the front of the house, I wanted the window treatments to compliment the overall look.

From the outside of the home, the Roller Shades provide the modern upgrade I was looking for and from the inside, the Motorized Shades are the perfect compliment to our developments.

The texture that the Light Filtering Edgewood Chestnut provides is exactly what I was looking for! It’s almost like bamboo but better, because it doesn’t shed and provides more coverage. Because these windows are in our childrens’ rooms, we chose the Cordless Roller Shade option. Cords can be dangerous for children and these pull down shades are a no brainer.

A Designer Look for your Home

I will say working with 3 Day Blinds has been exceptionally easy! As a designer, I’ve already used the roller shades in various design projects, including a new bathroom remodel in Dallas, TX. This will become my go-to source for window shades and blinds. The ability to choose your fabrics, the type of roller mechanism and the opacity, creates unlimited possibilities for me and my clients!

If you are interested in these gorgeous room makeover must-haves visit to receive 20% OFF your order of window shades and blinds!


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