Easy Crafts to Do at Home: DIY Acorns

It’s almost Fall, y’all! This nature inspired Fall DIY is one of many easy crafts to do at home. This will pair beautifully with the rest of your seasonal decor. So, break out the pumpkins, Fall stems and chunky throw blankets. Then, shop for a new Fall wreath and more in the shop, From: Susie Fall Collection.

But first, let’s get crafty!

Easy Crafts to Do at Home: DIY Acorns

Can you believe that these decorative acorns are made from plastic eggs and a few craft supplies? Finally, you have a way to repurpose all those leftover Easter eggs.

What you Need:

  • plastic or foam eggs
  • wooden skewers
  • styrofoam block or cardboard box
  • white primer spray paint
  • 3 shades of brown acrylic paint
  • jute string
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • hot glue and glue gun
  • 1 inch twigs

What you Do:

  1. Pierce foam or plastic eggs into wooden skewers. Then, push skewers into a styrofoam block or cardboard box to hold in place. 
  2. Spray paint eggs with a white primer in a well ventilated area. Then, allow to dry.
  3. Next, paint eggs a warm brown color with acrylic paint. Dry completely. 
  4. Then, ‘dry brush’ thin layers of two lighter shades of brown paint to create texture onto the eggs. Dry between layers of paint. Remove from skewers once dry.
  5. Cut jute and coil into a tight circle about the size of a dime. Next, hot glue the jute onto the rounder half of the egg covering the original hole. 
  6. Lastly, clip a few real twigs from a tree branch and hot glue in the center of the jute wrapped egg. 

Painter’s Tip: Dry brushing is a technique in which the paint brush is loaded with a small amount of paint, then mostly brushed off before applying to a dry surface to create brushstrokes that appear almost scratchy. Old brushes work great for this technique.

How to Style:

Simply, place these decorative acorns in a wooden bowl for the perfect Fall touch to your coffee table! In addition, you can add some fall stems, like these rust, brown or cream colored craspedia stems or wooden beads.

If you love this simple Fall DIY and would love to see more easy crafts to do at home, please leave us a comment below! We love to hear from y’all!

Lastly, be sure to follow us on Instragram for a video tutorial! Or, check out how I transformed vintage pottery into a designer dupe with dirt. Yep, good ole Texas dirt. But first, save this to your Pinterest board so we can craft together all season long!


  1. Amy says:

    I loved doing this diy for you!! The colors are my favorite for fall.

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