Is Fall a Season that you Love, too?

Is Fall a season that you love as much as I do? As the weather begins to cool and days become shorter, Fall is the season to find happiness inside the home. From comfort food like my Grandma’s sweet potato pie to cozy evenings around the fireplace, this is my favorite time of year. I love the Fall inspired colors and textures in the clothing that I wear to the pieces I use to style my home. Then, there’s the beautiful changing leaves showing off outside!

However, it’s also a great time of year to get outside. For example, I enjoy starting Saturday mornings at the farmer’s market with a cup of warm coffee in hand. Or, taking the kids to the park to take on a big pile of leaves. It’s a time to slow down and show gratitude for what we have.

This year, Fall runs September 22 through December 21, 2021. Typically, we think of September, October, and November as the Fall months. Or ‘Autumn’ as y’all like to call it in the North!

Decorating for Fall

featuring hand picked pieces from our From: Susie Fall Decor Box

Find this season’s collection of home furnishings, including the cutest, handmade Mommy and Me aprons in our shop, at From: Susie. But first, here are a few fall decor trends that I love!

  • Natural elements like fall foliage, rattan, wicker, wood
  • Textured fabrics like chunky woven knits, velvet, leather
  • Mixing new with vintage, antiques, handmade and artisan finds
  • Warm, earthy neutrals and muted jewel tone colors
  • Cozy vibes -candles, layering everything from bedding to rugs, reading nooks, homemade treats

Welcome the Season with a Wreath

Is there an easier way to welcome the changing seasons, and guests, than by adding a wreath to your front door? I think not! However, these wreaths are so beautiful, I like to hang them indoors, as well. For example, consider hanging a wreath over a large mirror in the entryway, above the fireplace mantle flanked by tall candlesticks, or on the pantry door or decorative vent hood to bring charm to your kitchen. In addition, a wreath can act as a floral centerpiece when place around a large hurricane candle holder. Shop our selection of wreaths, here.

This beautiful wreath, above, is featured in our exclusive Fall 2021 Decor Box and is handmade using real flowers and natural elements by Andaluca Home in California. This company has a deep love for natural botanical creations which shines through their work.

Weave some Texture into Every Space

Throw blankets and decorative pillows are a great way to add color, pattern, and texture into a living space. Plus, as the weather cools, they not only add form but function to your space. Click here for our Pillow Style Guide. Then, shop our handmade pillows, here, or our selection of textured throw blankets, here.

We often forget that we can soften up the hard spaces in a kitchen and bathroom, too. Waffle weave towels add a luxurious feel in both of these rooms. So, I included the finest waffle weave towels in this year’s Fall Decor Box.

Deeply textured and chunky, this linen cotton blend oversized spa towel and hand towel are hand stitched from eco-friendly fabric on the coast of Maine by Daria at Luksin Designs. Luksin is passionate about using local, Maine-based stitchers and manufacturers to help produce the perfect products. Whether you’re enjoying your bath time ritual or an evening walk on the beach, this luxurious towel will become your favorite. Plus, it’s soft enough for a baby blanket or throw blanket.

Mix New with Old

The best way to add character into a new or recently remodeled home is to mix in antique and vintage finds. I love the juxtaposition of clean lines and finishes with chippy, weathered finds. Plus, our homes become collections of things that we love. So, why not display your passion for reading with a set of vintage books, or love of Europe with repurposed European cheesemaking table boards. Whatever your passion, personalize your space with family heirlooms, or meaningful pieces you have collected over the years.

Susie handpicked these rattan baskets in Forney, Texas, but they orginated in Germany. Consequently, time worn characteristics make each one of a kind. 

The Vintage Towel Baskets, featured in our Fall Decor Box, are stained by hand by our personal craftsmen at 8fD Designs to achieve the beautiful dark hue. Then, Texas leather handles are added to enhance its versatility and create an entirely one-of-a-kind look. These baskets are perfect for holding rolled hand towels in bathroom, a catch-all on the entryway table, or styled on top of books. Plus, they make a beautiful centerpiece for a Fall tablescape filled with pumpkins, gourds or seasonal stems.

Incorporate Handmade into your Home

Handmade products set our shop, From: Susie apart from others. We love to feature the work of artists, craftsmen and makers in Texas, and across the United States. We believe that ‘handmade’ focuses on quality over quantity.

Trays and pedestals of different shapes, sizes, and styles are a great way to ground or elevate a space. We believe that you can never have enough of either, because they are so versatile in any room. Trays not only round up items, but make a group of smaller items appear as one, which is more visually appealing. In addition, pedestals act as risers to heighten two different objects of similar sizes in a vignette.

Handmade by one of our favorite Texas makers, this charming little footstool is the ideal marriage of form meets function. First, use it as a perch to keep your favorite bathing accessories within reach. Whether it’s one of our luxe towels or a glass of wine, this stool is the perfect component to create the spa bathroom you’ve always wanted. Next, consider using it to prop up a plant or candle in a styled vignette. Lastly, pair it with the Ever Tray on the bathroom counter to hold your hygiene essentials. Shop all of our risers and pedestals in the shop.

The lightweight “Ever” tray, pictured above, is handmade by jewelry-maker, Hannah Eberly. Specifically, she uses a variety of mediums like resin, clay and pigment to create this oval tray and other unique accessories. This versatile tray can be used as a soap dish in the bath, a station for pot scrubbers or to display your favorite earrings. Again, we love it for it’s durability and versatility, but it’s so pretty, too. Find a tray you love, here.

Create a cozy corner!

With these simple tips, it shouldn’t take long to immerse yourself into the coziness of the season. You know the familiar smells of pies baking in the oven or woodsy, earthy candles burning… Or the feel of the the warm sun light that streams in even when the weather turns crisp – usually where you find the dog napping.

  1. First, place a comfortable chair or settee near a sunshine filled window.
  2. Then, add a small table to hold a cup of your favorite warm beverage and Fall treat.
  3. Next, light a Fleur & Flame candle in Woodsy Olive + Musky Amber.
  4. Toss on some pillows and the softest, coziest throw blanket over you.
  5. Finally, open a good book or the latest issue of Homemade magazine.

We’ve collaborated with Deb Foglia of Seeking Lavender Lane and her candle company, Fleur & Flame to bring you a hand-poured, 4 wick luxury candle unlike any other. It smells amazing. Plus, you can reuse the copper container long after the candle is burned for toiletries, trinkets, or to add a decorative touch to open shelving.

Did I convince you that fall is a season worth loving too? Let me know what you love most about Fall in the comments below. But first, save this to your Pinterest board, so we can decorate together.

Finally, if you love the items in our Fall Decor Box, be sure to get our Winter box! We are filling it with all the elements that we love about Winter!


  1. Tammy says:

    My box is on its way!! – so excited!!

  2. Amy WILLIAMS says:

    Love the Fall colors and textures.

  3. Mindy Gurley says:

    I love each and every piece from this fall collection. So many textures and versatile pieces that you could use all year long. Thank you Susie!

  4. Jennifer Folino says:

    Hi Susie! I so enjoyed reading about all the reasons and things to love about Fall. You’ve nailed just about every aspect I’ve always loved about the season of cozy and gratitude. All the comforts of home come into focus for me….yummy candles, cozy textured throw blankets, pumpkin and fall leaves decor, comfort foods for “let’s stay home”dinners and filling the house with the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla with baked treats.

  5. Rita says:

    My box is suppose to arrive tomorrow.This was my birthday gift to myself for my 70Th birthday in October.Fall is my season.🍂🍁🌾


    This is my first decor box and I am so happy with my purchase! Fall is my favorite season and you really have to work hard to create Fall in sunny Southwest Florida! My candle is burning, my wreath is over the fireplace and I’m puttering around making plans for all the other pieces! Happy, happy girl here!!
    Warmly, Trish

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