Maker Spotlight: Deb Foglia at Fleur & Flame

Every month, we feature one of our talented makers, artists or craftsmen in our Maker Spotlight. This month, blogger Deb Foglia of Seeking Lavender Lane and her candle company, Fleur & Flame partnered with us to bring two amazing candles to our customers.

Furthermore, Deb and I created a curated European Farmhouse collection, which you can shop, here. The collection reflects Deb’s style of casual farmhouse and old world European charm.

First, let me brag on Deb. She is a talented blogger, entrepreneur and teaches an online course showing others how to decorate a home that the love. Plus, she has been featured on Fleamarket Flip, the Rachel Ray Show, the Home Show and as a special guest at the Country Living Fair. Deb has a beautiful blog where she shares her recently renovated European inspired farmhouse in New Jersey. If you missed the home tour that I shared of Deb’s beautiful European modern farmhouse, find it here. In addition, she shares amazing DIYS and tips to get that European farmhouse charm on her blog.

Fleur & Flame

For those who purchased a Fall Decor Box, we included a hand-poured 4 wick olive & amber scented candle from Fleur & Flame. Its luscious scent with notes of woodsy olive and musky amber will make you think you’ve landed in Italy! In addition, the copper container can be repurposed to hold trinkets or toiletries long after the candle is burned. For example, the copper adds a warm metallic finish when placed upon a stack of vintage books on open shelves. You can find more creative ideas to style shelves, here.

For anyone who missed the Fall decor box, we do have a Fleur and Flame ‘European fig’ scented candle available in the shop for a limited time. The scent is reminiscent of another world where time is slower, the landscapes are brighter and the foods are richer! It is the perfect blend to ignite the Fall season. Find all of Deb Foglia’s candles, here.

Deb Foglia’s Small Business Journey

Now, let’s chat with Deb!

Susie: How did you begin your candle company?

Deb: “Last year, I felt called to start a design group called Home Healing. Truly, it was Holy Spirit-led to bring this idea of helping women heal their homes. Through creativity, stretching outside their comfort levels within their homes, and using the five senses, they worked to make their home feel better. I knew I could add more to how the ladies could experience “home healing”, so I decided to start a candle of the month box.

So, I found a local candle maker. Then, we worked together for the first 9 months to create candles, package and deliver them to the subscribers. Like any new idea and business avenue, there were hiccups, stop signs, moments of sweating, and a big pause button at the end of the year.”

Susie: How has your candle making business grown?

Deb: “It was a ton of work. I think my feelings got hurt everytime someone would unsubscribe. Seeking out new oils for each month was becoming a lot of work. By the time December came around, I was about to call it quits. But then one day, I found myself staring at my French Lady candles.  My packaging displays a vintage French lady painting and name on the lid. Suddenly, I felt this tug. Knowing that I had already put so much effort into creating this product, I couldn’t throw in the towel that early.

So, I decided to lift the “subscription” idea and take another leap of faith to start selling them as stock candles. During that time, I had a local shop reach out to carry my candles. Immediately, it boosted my confidence and made me believe in the product even more. Officially, in February 2021, I launched it as a stock item with the option to wholesale.

However, within a month, my candlemaker and I had to part ways. I scrambled, as I was getting started, and selling out every launch. However, in that short span of time, I taught myself everything I needed to know about candle pouring. I began pouring my own candles. Now, I have help from a local college student.

We keep chugging along on this faith-train. Again, not thinking that I would ever be making and selling candles. Now, I’m loving it, and want to grow this business into something unique in the candle market. Only God knows where it’ll all go, but I am excited for the journey.”


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