Modern Farmhouse Style at The Dwyer House

Take a look at one of my latest design projects…

Modern Farmhouse Feels

As avid aviators, the Dwyers own several homes in multiple states. However, they really wanted this house to represent the look and feel of being in Texas while taking on a modern farmhouse style. The requirement for this design project was to capture the Texas landscape and culture. But without the boots, spurs or cowboy hats.

My design plan for this project is classic, modern farmhouse elements with a Texas twist. For example, I chose a neutral color palette including bone, oatmeal and grey throughout the home. The color of the bathroom cabinets is Sherwin Williams Requisite Grey. In the kitchen and bathrooms, I leaned on brushed nickel to create a soft sophisticated feel. However, black metal accents add contrast in the bedrooms.

design board for bathroom with paint chips

Austin Stone

To me, Texas done well is a strong masculine look which lends itself beautifully to clean lines and a modern farmhouse feel. Therefore, my mission is to pay homage to the local surroundings. So, I referenced the emotion of the sacred Texas Hill country and classic, local Austin stone for inspiration.

The name of the pale white stone sourced in Austin in the 19th century is called ‘Austin stone.’ However, the rest of the country calls this ‘limestone.’ Throughout the state, limestone adorns the the exterior of homes and is a popular building material. However, we choose to show it off inside as a feature wall in the dining room. The choice really created a ‘wow factor’ that my client wanted. So, I have a feeling it will be a conversation piece at dinner parties for years to come.

To give this home a modern farmhouse feel, I styled the shelves with a few vintage finds and handmade pieces from the shop. For instance, you can find vintage bread baskets, bread boards and framed prints, here. Or, shop for our Made in Texas products, here.

A Collection of Things We Love

One of the challenges that designers and homeowners alike face is reconciling and integrating existing furnishings. Therefore, a good designer attempts to honor and meld these two together for the desired look. It’s also important to respect the home’s architecture when renovating spaces in an older home.

After watching loads of HGTV, it’s easy to believe that most homes are demolished down to the studs. Then, rebuilt and decorated with all new carefully chosen furnishings. However, the reality is that everyone has a budget. In addition, family heirlooms and pieces collected for years make up real homes.

Specifically, the Dwyers requested to keep a few pieces of their own furnishings. For instance, the living room sofa and beds in adjacent secondary rooms originally belonged to the homeowners. Although it can be a difficult challenge to combine everything, it’s always one that I relish. Mostly, because I enjoy seeing unlikely elements in a space and making them work together.

Worth the Wait

Since many products are currently back ordered, materials and fixtures arrived later than expected. Consequently, one of my favorite pieces was worth the wait. As the finishing touch to the master bathroom, the freestanding jetted soaker is truly the crown of the bathroom. In addition, we chose durable quartz countertops for beauty and practicality. But we stuck to sandstone tile drawn from the Texas countryside. Lastly, carefully cut and beveled pieces framed the mirrors in the master bathroom. This created a feminine feel without being overly frilly.

The home renovation thrilled the homeowners. Similarly, I’m so happy with what we achieved in this Texas inspired modern farmhouse. If you love a little European flair, check out this beautiful modern farmhouse home tour.

Lastly, if you are looking for an interior designer for your next home renovation, contact me, here. I’d love to help! As always, you can shop my design boards on my Like to Know It page.


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