Maker Spotlight: Artist Sammy Allen

Meet Sammy Allen, the artist and creative behind “Iris and Evergreen”. Sammy is our featured artist for the Maker’s Spotlight. She made the red and white wood garland, here.

In the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, Sammy Allen found her creative muse early on, surrounded by intense natural beauty. Born out of prayer and circumstance, her business “Iris + Evergreen” blossomed through her curiosity and inclination toward fine and digital art.

She credits her talented twin sister for paving a way for her through her own artistic creation. “When we were little, we were always working on an art project or an inventive pretend game- my interest in the arts started very young. My sister is an incredible artist and for a long time, I thought that title just belonged to her. However, I came to a crossroad in my life, where I thought and prayed really hard about my next step. It became clear that doing something creative was next on my journey. Starting my own business has been a leap of faith, but it has also been liberating.”

Sammy proudly displays her handiwork at home in North Carolina.

Self Taught and Trained Artist

Sammy is self-taught in every aspect of her work and business, from painting to digital drawing and fiber arts. She states, “Everything I’ve learned, I have learned from trial and error. I love getting a new idea and then working through the process of making it come to life. Exploring different areas of my creativity has also been a journey. Digitally creating stickers, greeting cards, and wall art, as well as acrylic painting, have become really fun aspects of my business that I absolutely love.”

Hand painted with love: Sammy enjoys painting on a variety of surfaces and playing with different mediums, such as this holly leaf in acrylic, painted on sheet music.

Creating the Garland for the Decor Box

“Last Christmas, I saw a TV show segment about drying oranges. During the pandemic, with people being home so much, these types of traditional crafts and activities became more prevalent and kind of resurfaced. I loved the look of traditional dried orange garlands, but I was unsure of my drying capabilities and I wanted something that would have a little more longevity. Thus, the idea of making my own orange garland was born! I drew a dried orange on my iPad and made each orange and strung each garland by hand. This was truly a labor of love!”

A closeup of Sammy’s garland featured in this years’ 2021 Winter Decor Box

Joyful Creations

“It always amazes me that, as an artist, we can bring a whole new feeling to a room with just a few materials and some time. Bringing joy to people is my favorite part, and the ultimate goal of my business. I love seeing how people style my products or what pieces they choose to go together. I love hearing the feedback of how happy my creations have made them.

To learn more about Sammy’s products and artist journey, follow her on instagram @irisandevergreen.

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