Maker Spotlight: Stephanie Rackley

As part of our Maker Spotlight Series, meet Stephanie Rackley. Recently, we featured her original cookbook in our 2021 Winter Decor Box. Let’s get to know this chef of delicious, yet healthy recipes!

Stephanie Rackley knows the value of commitment. For instance, she owes her discipline, positivity and determination to her years as a Kilgore College Rangerette. Thus, it shows in her business, “The Healthy Chew.”

As registered nurse and dietician, Stephanie possesses a bachelor’s degree in nutritional science. She has completed a nutritional dietetic internship. In addition, she utilizes her credentials to contribute to her own blog.

Stephanie and her daughter cooking together at home

Building A Brand

The Healthy Chew Blog

Stephanie created The Healthy Chew blog and social media platform in 2015. Her intention of spreading helpful nutrition knowledge and healthy recipes to her followers became her motivation. Later, she created a private consulting business, ‘AVO Good Life Nutrition LLC’ for individuals struggling with nutrition and food choices. Stephanie loved one-on-one nutritional consulting with her clients. However, once her daughter, Emmie, was born, she took priority.

Stephanie has been featured in VoyageDallas as part of their local entrepreneur series. Plus, a local magazine ‘Lakeside.’ Lastly, she has collaborated with renowned brands like Bertolli®, CVS Health®, Vital Proteins®, and HelloFresh®.

Lake Life Family

Today, The Healthy Chew has become a more prominent brand that encompasses whole family health, weekly healthy recipes, and promotes overall life positivity. Since having her first child Emmie, Stephanie has shifted her focus to raising her family at home. She and her husband, Justin, just welcomed their second child, Ben River, this fall.

Together, the family shares their love for the outdoors while raising Emmie and Ben. They have showcased their honest outdoor lifestyle on YouTube as part of their channel, ‘Lake Life Family’. Furthermore, Stephanie is known for always cooking or baking something from scratch, whether it be wild game meats, homemade desserts, and everything in-between.

Stephanie and her husband enjoying a sweet treat in their backyard oasis

Stephanie’s Philosophy

Stephanie Rackley knows the value of commitment. She owes her discipline, positivity & determination to her years as a Kilgore College Rangerette; it shows in her business, “The Healthy Chew.”

From HomeMade: The Makers’ Almanac

A Cookbook Everyone Can Enjoy

Simple, Sweet Things in Life

Recently, she launched her first cookbook titled, ‘Simple, Sweet Things In Life’. This book is curated for anyone who likes desserts. Specifically, it’s filled with over 60 recipes of cookies and other sweet treats. However, this cookbook contains recipes that allow anyone with food allergies to still partake in the sweetness. That’s pretty sweet.

Healthy Recipes

Stephanie is no stranger to food allergies and sensitivities. For example, during the process of creating the recipes for this book, she was pregnant and diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Furthermore, her food sensitivities during this time included gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy.

“Regardless of your food allergies, your family’s necessary modifications, or your current health situation, there is something for everybody in this cookbook. I’ve made sure to include options that are free from gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs, peanuts and soy. Other recipes that contain no added sugar. Even a few are low-glycemic recipes. For me, having these options readily available is especially important. I understand how frustrating it can be to have limited food options. I saw the need for creating such a book. Therefore, I wanted to be the one who shares it with you.”

As I embarked on creating a dessert cookbook, I found a new challenge of creating delicious sweet treats with food triggers in mind. Having to go through this elimination diet and pull common allergens out of my daily diet, I was continually reminded of how many people suffer from food allergies on a daily basis. Not only did I want to create a beautiful story with our beloved family dessert recipes, I wanted to create a cookbook that anybody could pick up and enjoy.

Stephanie Rackley

To follow Stephanie, visit her on instagram at @thehealthychew. Lastly, read more Maker Spotlights, on the blog.


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