Sitting Down at the Holiday Table

One of my favorite places to decorate for the holidays is the dining table. For this winter tablescape, I was inspired by nature and cozy textures. From handmade cedar ornaments and webbed caning plate chargers to the realest looking faux cedar greenery that I could find, I wanted to bring nature inside. In addition, I want my guests to immediately feel at home. Therefore, I integrated soft neutrals, warm candlelight and a waffle knit throw blanket as a Christmas table runner.

Artfully Arranged Centerpiece + Place Settings

Create a Fresh + Illuminated Centerpiece

Typically, a centerpiece for a dining room table consists of a simple floral arrangement or candles placed on a table runner. Specifically, fresh or faux flowers in a glass vase will always be a good, classic choice for a centerpiece. However, for the holidays, I focus on creating a warm ambience through candlelight.

However, decorate your home in a way that you love. Follow, bend or break the rules! One of the rules that I broke is using a throw blanket as a Christmas table runner. Our waffle throw softens the wooden table and adds a beautiful cozy texture. Rather than placing pine stems into a tall vase which may prevent guests from seeing across the table, I tuck stems of greenery into the fabric.

Layer Each Place Settings

When layering any kind of decor, keep in mind the materials that you are using. For example, consider how wood, metal, glass/ceramic, textiles, and natural elements have different textures that evoke a particular vibe. More natural materials and wood can create a warm, cozy feeling. However, using metals or glass can make a space feel more modern or sophisticated. The best practice is to use a combination of each.

Each place setting includes dishes for dining, flatware, glassware, napkins and placemats. On special occasions, add small table gifts for guests to enjoy, take home or as conversation starters.

When setting a table, begin with plate chargers or placemats. Those made with natural fibers like caned webbing, wicker or rattan add a beautiful texture at each place setting. Second, stack a salad/dessert plate onto the dinner plate and lay flatware on either side accordingly. Then, add glassware to the top right and napkins either to the left or on the plate. Lastly, add place cards or table gifts to each place setting. For example, handmade ornaments are placed on each plate for this holiday dinner party. However, this could be something as simple and sweet as homemade caramels or boxed chocolates.

Here are a few tablescape favorites from my home decor shop, From: Susie. However, you can find the Winter Collection, here.

First, I love any natural woven plate charger, like these wicker ones. Next, I collaborated with ceramic artist Melissa Reddick to create a set of gorgeous handmade ceramic dishes exclusively for our shop. Lastly, the cedar potted trees are so lifelike and make a perfect Winter centerpiece.

Table Setting Guide

Read our Ultimate Table Setting Guide to learn how to properly set a casual or formal table. Plus, you can find these helpful graphics and tips to set up a buffet style dinner party.

Breaking bread is the simplest way to connect with family and friends during the holidays. It is a time to sit down at the table and sit down the phones for a chance to celebrate the season and talk more with one another. Not only is it about sharing a meal, but our thoughts and feelings and experiences with one another.

I hope these tips are helpful when hosting your next gathering. However, the most important part of the table is who you share it with. Therefore, don’t get so consumed with the details that you lose sight of what’s right across from you.


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