Designing a Shift in Perspective

Hey girl, hey. 

Is anyone else just floored that it’s the middle of May? And of 2022 no less! Despite its consistency, since the beginning of creation, I’m always caught off guard at “time”. A lot has been happening in my little corner of the world and I wanted to write you and catch you up on some things. I would also love your feedback on my missions. By now, we are close friends and you’ve been with me through thick and thin. I appreciate your support more than I can articulate, so if you have a moment, lend me your ear.

I have grown more (and healed more) in this season than I feel I ever have in the past. I wish I could tell you about the more intimate moments where I’m left in awe at the goodness of God, but just know that I often look at Robert and think, how can this be so? God has given me far much more than I could have ever dreamed of in this man and in these children we share together.  

Trust and freedom in this new found security has felt nothing short of euphoric. It’s a peace I could never hold before.

Perhaps it’s from this place of peace where things started shifting. For the last year and a half I’ve been feeling the rub. I have tried to keep things the same for Susie Robb and also tried becoming Susie Brinck. We talked about this on our podcast, Turn It Over. It’s been a bit bumpy but I feel as if I’ve come out of that season with new found focus, and in turn, a fresh heart for God’s family. 

Our latest episode on the podcast was titled, “Make Family Great Again” and in it we discuss our rekindled flame for homemaking and raising children. You can listen HERE.

Making the Shift

I’ve been a believer of Jesus long enough to realize that almost nothing is coincidental. I look at the title of our beloved magazine, Homemade. To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the title originally, but it’s all making sense now because that’s how God works. He sees big picture when we cannot. Our magazine is a collection of stories, people and homes. It’s a bright spot of wholesome content that centers around family and tradition and it’s my goal to get it in front of more readers. Inside we talk faith, family, and interior design, all of my favorite things.

Strengthening the Sanctuary

Then I turn and look at our non-profit, The 626 Foundation, which aims to strengthen families by taking off the burdens of a physically and spiritually broken dwelling. Again, the concept of home is staring back at me. However, not the concept of making your home cozy; you can’t put lipstick on the proverbial pig and expect it to change your life. Our mission has always been, and continues to be, cultivating more joy for families so they can keep healing. We want to honor the past and bring hope for the future by strengthening the sanctuary that is “home”.

Supporting Local

Our shop,, continues to support local makers and artists and their families. It’s home décor but with a purpose. We strive to bring American made products to our customers under the flagship, “loyally local”. Our Décor Boxes have continued to grow and showcase more and more small businesses around the country. This last box was a total family affair, but it came with it’s share of difficulties. Shipping dilemmas, missing products and shuffling of staff, left us burnt out and needing reprieve. We have since made the painful decision to pause and relaunch the Décor Boxes this fall but not until we hear from you first!

In fact, I’d love to hear from you about all these things! If you could comment on this blog post, send me an email at, or a DM on Instagram @fromsusie, I would so appreciate it.

How You Can Help Us

Are you a podcast listener? If so, what do you enjoy or what would you suggest we do better? Are there topics you wish we would approach? How can I help you here?

Are you interested in more interior design help? More blog posts on the nuts and bolts of creating a home you love?

Have you purchased a Décor Box from us in the past? What do you wish was different? More frequent? Less frequent? Different price-point? 

As Robert and I shift and grow, we want to be intentional with our time. I don’t want to create content just for the sake of followers. We are asking God to give us wisdom in our ministry and part of that means asking our friends for their insight. 

Thank you in advance and know that you are most appreciated and dearly loved!


  1. Nancy Sharp says:

    I love following your family on Instagram and your blog. I love seeing the beautiful work you do in homes. I think the items in the decor boxes are lovely but I’ve never purchased one because I really can’t spend that much at once on home decor. I applauded you for using items from small businesses. I have listened to some of your blogs but not lately..
    God bless you as you seek to find where He is leading you next.

  2. Stephanie Starwalt says:

    I purchased one box when we had a little bit of extra money & while the items were nice several of them were not my style. So I have realized that I don’t like the “surprise” aspect of the box since I was paying so much for it. I wish there was a list of items that we could choose from maybe, that way if there are only two or three things that I like on the list I can purchase them individually instead of paying for the whole box. I like cool tones like blue & green & cherry red & silver & it seems like a lot of the items are beige & cream & orange, & gold, neutral & warm tones which are not my style. They are nice pieces but they don’t go well with my other pieces. I am very eclectic though so maybe I am opposite of what is “in style”. I love supporting local artists though, especially in my home state of Texas so I try to buy pieces that I like. Thank you for all you do & for asking for our thoughts! Blessings!

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