Fall Tablescapes // a step by step guide!

Hi y’all,
Hope you had the best Labor Day weekend ever! I know I did…Did y’all catch the Labor Day DIY blog post we put together? If not, no worries and check it out HERE. It is filled with lots of fun stuff for the summer or really just whenever you need to keep the kids occupied! Anyways, I have been getting a few requests recently to help you all out on some fun tabbescape ideas for the fall season. I personally know the pressures of feeling like you need to be ready for “fall” right now, but you can create something fall-ish while not overdoing it too! I promise, you can totally do it! Let me help… Here’s a little guide + ideas + some fun pictures we did a few weeks ago to show y’all how we styled all the pieces together. 

1.) Produce // Apples, Pumpkins, Squashes, and etc.
This one might be a given, but to many they forget about all the things beyond pumpkins! I know fall is very “pumpkin spice-y” but I also think that it isn’t terrible to shake things up and try something new like red or green apples on the table. Here’s a few ways below that we incorporated them below, so you can get a feel for what I mean! 

2.) Warm Colors // Textiles, Woods, and Copper 
OF COURSE you all already know the fall colors that you are used to seeing every year! The oranges, the yellows, the tans, the beiges, and the brown hues. But have you thought about incorporating some of the navy blues or even warm, blush tones, and greens too? It could be fun to shake it up! So, we mixed them together. As you can see by the below pictures, we put together the oranges, the coppers, the gray/blues, and the greens together. 

3.) Texture // Vintage pieces, mixed woods, and old books
I know that many of us are scared to mix woods. I get it! It can be a really scary thing to try out when you are playing around with the fall table, but I want to give you the freedom to try it out and see how it feels in your space! If it feels right to you, it probably is the right thing for your home (even if it is totally different wood types and colors). 

Not sure if you have played around with this trend, but I feel like it will go for many months and into 2020 (maybe even beyond that). Playing with older books (even books you don’t want anymore), can be a really great way to add texture to the table. Also, this can be a really helpful way to add some different heights and make the table much less flat looking. See what we mean below!

I hope all these tips and tricks were helpful for your next fall tablescape! Feel free to tag me in your finished tablescape posts on Instagram or comment below if you are going to try any of these things out!

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  1. Tracie McCleskey says:

    I love all of this!!!
    I love your style!!!
    You are so rockin it!!!!

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