Simple Charcuterie Board

If you want to create a simple charcuterie board without spending a fortune, I am sharing my 5 key ingredients. It is an excellent guide to keep everyone happy, while adding a variety of color and texture that makes the board enticing. In addition, the best part about a simple charcuterie board is that there are no strict rules or specific ingredients to get. Therefore, you can be creative and include a combination of your favorite foods and snacks.

Wooden Serving Boards

First, select a wooden serving board to use. The board size will help you determine the amount of ingredients needed. Whether you just need one board for a date night or a few boards to host a large gathering, I have a variety of options to choose from in the shop. Below are a few of my favorite boards from

Next, lay down a piece of parchment paper for easy cleanup. Plus, it protects the board from any food staining and ensures boards are food safe. To learn how to oil cutting boards, read this blog post over board maintenance.

Left: Rustic Cutting Board, Middle: Two – Toned Over Sized Boards, Right: Fine Wood Bread Board

Simple Charcuterie Board with 5 Key Ingredients

The most common foods for charcuterie boards are cured meats, cheeses, fruits, pickled vegetables, nuts, crackers, breads, and spreads. Often, chocolate or sweets are included, too. However, the simplest board will always have five key ingredients: fruit, nuts or olives, cheese, meat, and a carb like toasted bread or crackers.

Nuts – walnut, almond, pecans, mixed nuts, or olives

Dried or Fresh Fruit – trail mix, raisins, dried mangos, grapes, apple wedges

Cured Meat Рsalami, pepperoni, prosciutto 

Cheese – soft and hard cheeses

Crackers – crackers, pretzel rods, toasted bread

A few things to remember when choosing ingredients:

  • Choose colorful fruits or vegetables that will add a pop of color to the board. For example, red or green grapes.
  • Incorporate something sweet, salty, savory, and spicy. For example, spicy nuts, salty cheese, savory olives and sweet fruits.
  • Pick a few seasonal favorites like pumpkin seeds in the fall or dried mango in the summer.
  • Don’t be afraid to introduce a new food or flavor to try.
Sweet. Salty. Savory. Spicy.

Tips to Arranging your Food Board

This is the fun part where you can arrange to your liking. You want the board to look very full. Therefore, don’t leave any gaps between the food.

  • Use small bowls to hold spreads, dips, nuts or small candies.
  • Mix the colors of food throughout the board.
  • Cut fresh herbs for scent and a pop of green.
  • Include small appetizer plates and napkins on or near the board.

When it comes to arranging the board, don’t overthink it. First, place bowls onto the board. Then, place meat and cheese around the bowls. Next, add in thinly sliced fruits, vegetables, and bread. Lastly, tuck in stems of freshly cut herbs.

Have a sweet tooth? Check out my s’mores dessert board or this Easter inspired dessert board.

Lastly, tell me your favorite ingredient to add a wow factor to any simple charcuterie board in the comments below! XO,


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