Ultimate S’mores Dip Recipes & Food Board

Lately, Summer days have been filled with family at the lake house or in and out of the pool. One of our kids’ favorite summer time treats is making s’mores. Since we don’t always have a campfire burning, probably because it is already 100 degrees in Texas, we often make s’mores dip! It’s easy to make, and easy to serve! Nobody gets poked in the eye with a roasting stick.

Here are my favorite s’mores dip recipes.

The Ultimate S’mores Food Board

We all know the components of a s’mores…graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate. However, I like to spice it up and serve a variety of the basics.

First, place cookies onto the food board. For example, use graham crackers, but also chocolate chip cookies and chocolate covered graham crackers. Would you try it with an Oreo cookie or Rice Krispy treat?

Then, add marshmallows or s’mores dip with toasted marshmallows. Flavored marshmallows, Peeps marshmallows and chocolate filled marshmallows are fun, too.

Next, fill the board with chocolate. Hershey’s chocolate bars are a favorite, but peanut butter cups and caramel filled chocolates are delicious, too. Basically, any kind of candy bar! Or a bowl of peanut butter, caramel or Nutella!

Lastly, add something out of the box like fresh fruit. For instance, sliced strawberries or bananas taste amazing. For a salty, bold taste, try crispy bacon or potato chips.

S’mores Dip Recipes

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly, coat a cast iron skillet with butter.
  2. Next, place a bag of chocolate chips OR 10 Hershey’s chocolate bars into the skillet.
  3. Top with jumbo marshmallows. Mini marshmallows work, too.
  4. Toast for 5 minutes in the oven. Or, until the tops of the marshmallows are brown.
  5. Allow to cool a couple of minutes before serving with graham crackers.

For a fun twist, add caramel or peanut butter between the layer of chocolate and marshmallows.

If you love the s’mores dip recipes, but are looking for ideas to create a charcuterie board. I got you! The blog post, 5 Ingredient Characterie Board is a Pinterest favorite. But first, head to the shop, From: Susie to find a beautiful selection of handmade boards. We have a variety of food safe and decorative wood boards.

Lastly, leave me a comment and tell me your favorite, craziest s’mores combination or s’mores dip recipes!


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