How to Decorate for Summer

Plus, 2021 Summer Decor Trends

featuring hand picked pieces from our From: Susie Summer Decor Box

Whether you are here for ideas to learn how to decorate your home for Summer or style items in your decor box, enjoy these decorating tips featuring everything from our From: Susie Summer Decor Box. The pieces are unique, but also, classic staples for decorating your home any time of year.

You can shop our entire summer collection of home furnishings, including art and handmade dishes, at From: Susie.

2021 Summer Decor Trends

Comfort and style are key, but sourcing and sustainability are important, too! This year, 2021, has seen a revival of handmade, with support of local and small businesses. We are proud to commission artists and makers to create a one of a kind collection of quality home decor products in our shop, From: Susie. In addition, I find that home decor trends are leaning towards collected, comfortable and natural… a look that I fully support and love.

  • Muted, earthy colors – light blue, sage green, blush pink, warm browns
  • Warm, natural elements – caning, wicker, rattan, straw, wood, leather
  • Sustainable furniture and decor – high quality, environmentally friendly, handmade
  • Old meets new – mix contemporary artisan pieces with vintage finds
  • Organic fibers – cotton, linen, silk which are eco-friendly, but also light and airy

Each season, I create a box filled with gorgeous home decor curated with artisan & vintage inspired finds. Every piece tells a story, while functioning beautifully in your home. The Summer Decor Box is inspired by our biannual trip to Round Top Antique Fair in Round Top, Texas. Therefore, you can find pieces from Texas based artists, American makers, and European antiques importers, all responsibly sourced and ethically made.

Curious what’s inside the 2021 Summer Decor Box? Everything pictured above.

Grocer’s Straw Basket

During my vintage pickin’ at the Round Top Antique Fair this past Spring, I found these unique straw baskets from a European antiques importer. Commonly used in Europe to carry vegetables home from the street markets, this basket takes the form of the pieces that it contains. It’s made from natural materials and has an amazing texture.

We use it as a fruit basket in the kitchen and as a picnic tote to carry wine, bread and a throw blanket. Or, hang it upside down over simple pendant lights or display it on its side filled with sea shells or faux succulents. 

Walnut and Amber Tray by 8FD

The walnut wood handles are fastened with brass screws to give this two tone serving tray a distinct look.  It is handmade by a Texas based woodworker and craftsmen.

This wooden tray is great for serving breakfast in bed or wine and cheese on the patio in the evening. Plus, you can flip it over to use as a cutting board! It’s so versatile from cutting and serving to displaying seasonal vignettes on the kitchen island. I love how the warm wood tone contrasts with blues and greens on a styled table.

Oat and White Linen Napkins by Sarah Coble

Susie loves the look of linen for summer, and sourced the most beautiful white and oatmeal bolts of linen fabric in Dallas, Texas. However, she couldn’t decide which neutral color she loved more.  When seamstress Sarah Coble saw the dilemma, she designed a double sided napkin using both.

The frayed edge of the napkin creates a casual feel, but the classic colors make this a timeless staple to your table.  Use this with handmade leather napkin rings, also made in Texas, for an unexpected contrast of color and texture.

Footed Blue Colander by Melissa Reddick

Hand pinched feet create the perfect pedestal to set this colander elegantly on the countertop while knobby handles make it easy to hold in your hands. The quality and detail are top notch. This handmade design is reminiscent of vintage ceramic pottery with a contemporary feel. Inspired by the fresh berries of summer, the blue color inspired the rest of the Summer Decor Box and is a popular color for summer decorating. 

The blue colander is the perfect size to hold the day’s bushel of fresh produce. Not only does it function well in a working kitchen, but it is beautiful enough to leave out on the kitchen counter to add a pop of color.

Floral Artwork by Mary Gregory 

Mary Gregory is a Texas based artist with paintings reminiscent of a timeless, country scene, light and airy brushstrokes, muted hues with a particular softness of a lazy summer day.  You can read more about how I met Mary Gregory on a recent trip to Round Top, Texas and hear more of her story on this blog post. Plus, you can shop the entire Mary Gregory collection, here.

This artwork will look beautiful in your home year round, but is the epitome of Summer time in Texas. I love to add a large white matte around art to create a bigger visual impact in a room.

Potted Onion Grass

The tall stalks of this faux floral and the pink coral blooms make this plant perfect for summer decorating. With a look similar to beachy grasses or wide open pastures, it brings a touch of the outdoors inside.

We’ve used it to style every room in the house. Try it on tall shelving, next to the kitchen sink, or even on the patio table. The plastic pot is simple enough by itself, or place it in a planter like the marble pot, terrazzo pot or a wire basket

Leather Measuring Bracelet

When this prototype was created, Susie wore it everywhere.  Everyone who noticed it, wanted one too. After gifting the ones she wore several times to friends and family, including her Grandma, she decided it would become a shop favorite. If you are a DIYer, maker, crafter, this accurately dimensioned bracelet is perfect for measuring on the go.  Find it on our seamstress, our craftsmen, and our friends who love antiquing. has a heart for the handmade. Our goal is to create a collaborative effort that supports local businesses and artisans, while providing our customers with quality goods for their home. You are an important part of our mission. Thank you for being here with us!


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