7 Throw Blanket Styling Tips

Throw blankets not only keep you warm, but they can cozy up your home, too. Today, I am sharing a few throw blanket tips that you can easily incorporate into styling your space. From a throw blanket on the bed to getting creative and using a blanket on the table, I am sharing my favorite ways to style a throw blanket.

Besides seasonal stems, throw pillows and blankets are my go to for decorating clients’ living spaces. They are an easy way to add texture, color or pattern to a space. Because I tend to use more neutrals, I love throw blankets with lots of details. For example, fluffy fringe, fun pom-poms or tassels, and chunky woven textures, are my favorite.

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Lay it on a Ladder

Whether you fold a throw blanket neatly or drape it casually on a blanket ladder, like this one in our shop, it is a great way to display blankets off your furniture. This is a favorite technique to show off my favorite blankets… those with chunky textures or fun tassels. To fill an empty corner, simply add a hanging basket filled with faux flowers and your favorite throw blanket.

Pinch & Pull

This casually draped technique looks effortless, but actually takes some fluffing to get it imperfectly perfect. First, find the center of the throw blanket and pinch the blanket about a foot above the center. This allows both ends of the blanket to show off the fringe or tassels. Next, pull the blanket onto the furniture allowing it to fold and drape naturally. Let it graze the floor. You can pull it over the back or into the cushions. I prefer to place a throw pillow or two on top. Lastly, fluff to your liking. This looks best on sofas, chaise lounges, or large arm chairs. Plus, its an easy way to style a throw blanket on the bed.

Formally Folded

A folded throw blanket creates a more polished, formal feel. Simply, fold the throw blanket into thirds or quarters allowing any decorative detail like fringe or tassels to hang down. Next, lay it on either side of the back of the sofa. Another option is to fold it in half, but lengthwise, before laying it on the arm of the sofa. Either way, this creates a clean, polished look to your space.

Accent Color + Accent Chair

When designing homes, I lean towards neutral paint, finishes and furniture. It’s so classic. However, I create personality with pillows, blankets, artwork and even rugs! This styling technique is a great way to bring color or pattern into a home office or living room. Simply, drape an unfolded colorful or patterned throw blanket over an accent chair! Not only does this add visual interest, but it invites you right into this space.

Throw Blanket on Bed

Depending on the size of the throw blanket, fold it neatly into thirds or quarters. Then, lay it across the end of the bed over layers and layers of bedding to create a luxurious look in the bedroom. The clean, tidy lines contrasts beautifully with colors and textures of other pillows and blankets. However, if you like a less composed look, or are constantly grabbing the throw blanket from your bed, drape it loosely at an angle across the foot of the bed. When you are done using it, simply throw it back on!

Soften the Table

One way to visually soften a wooden table is to add textiles. For dining tables, consider using a thin throw blanket as a table runner or tablecloth. Similarly, layer a throw blanket between wooden decor like bowls or lanterns on wood, metal or glass top coffee tables. It’s a great way to repurpose pieces that you love.

Blanket Filled Basket

Large woven baskets are not only visually appealing, but add necessary storage to living spaces. They are great for storing extra pillows or throw blankets on a bed or sofa. By allowing part of a throw blanket to spill over the basket, it becomes effortlessly styled. Try this tip to fill the space under a foyer or console table, or to cozy up a reading chair in the corner.

Pic by Deb Foglia at Seeking Lavender Lane for our European Farmhouse Collection

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