Favorite Find: Miniature Wood Boards

We originally found these miniature wood boards in Round Top, Texas for the shop, From: Susie. Read that story, here. However, they sold out within two days. Therefore, we worked with a local craftsmen to make our own. Once again, we have them available in the round and rectangular sizes for a limited time.

Find the miniature round and rectangular wood board, here or choose from a large selection of vintage, handmade and unique wood boards in all sizes, shapes, and finishes here.

Ways to Use our Miniature Wood Boards

From styling trays to holiday tables, we love the versatility of these miniature wood boards.

1. Hang on the Christmas Tree like Ornaments

Either tuck into the tree or string with jute to hang on the Christmas tree. For instance, I added a few to my Grandma’s gingerbread themed tree in the family room. Consequently, they happened to be the perfect warm wood tone and align with the baking inspired theme.

2. Personalize for Place Cards on the Holiday Table

To personalize, use a sharpie paint pen, letter stickers or a decal cutting machine. Then, set at each table setting for place cards. In addition, personalized boards would look beautifully tied on holiday packages as gift tags. Either way, guests have a personalized tag to take home, or hang on the family tree year after year.

3. Use as Drink Coasters on the Dining or Coffee Table

These are the perfect size for drink coasters. Plus, the little handles make them easy to pick up and unique.

4. Stack Boards under Candles/Plants as Riser

Protect table tops, elevate decor with risers and style trays with one or two of these mini boards. These are perfect as candle or plant risers. Read more about how to use decorative risers in your home, here.

5. Decorate your Holiday Tables

These many boards are so cute individually or stacked up. Therefore, you can use them as placecards, coasters or take home gifts for guests. In addition, they can be used for serving bread or mini charcuterie boards. But first, trace and cut parchment paper to size, before placing food on top. Lastly, they can be stacked to use as risers for vases or candles or simple accents on a styled centerpiece.

We hope you feel inspired with the possibilities of these miniature wood boards. We would to hear your suggestions to use them in the comment section below. But first, learn how to oil cutting and bread boards, here. Lastly, follow us on Instagram stories for more styling ideas.


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