Get Your Guest Room Ready

Make new memories with old friends and family by hosting them in the comfort of your home this holiday season. Therefore, to get your guest room ready, we are sharing a few tips!

Decorate Like Home

Decorating a guest room is really no different than decorating your own bedroom. Simply, choose furnishings that complement one another and the colors of the room. You can shop our collection of designer furniture, rugs and lighting, here.

Rugs are great under the bed to ground the space, and add color and patten to a room. However, a warm, soft rug on wood or tile flooring is always welcomed by feet, especially during the colder months.

Not only do mirrors bounce light into the room, but they are pretty handy for checking yourself. If you have space, consider a full length mirror for guests to get ready.

In addition, plants always make a room feel more alive and welcoming. Therefore, add a potted plant, or drop in a few seasonal stems in a pretty vase. Don’t have a green thumb? No worries! Shop our selection of greenery, here.

Comfy, Cozy Bedding

First ensure the mattress is comfortable. Then, provide freshly laundered bedding, but make it feel comfortable and luxurious. For example, use a pillow top mattress cover, cozy down comforter, quality pillows and extra blankets. Style the throw blanket perfectly with our 7 Throw Blanket Styling Tips, here.

Take a Seat

Be sure to have a place for guests to sit down to relax or remove their shoes. For example, an upholstered chair in the corner or a bench at the end of the bed works great. If the chair is in the corner, place a lamp nearby.

Keep Things Handy

On the nightstand, leave any remote controls to televisions, fans, blinds, etc… In addition, place a lamp and a few of your favorite books for night time reading. For example, our magazine, HomeMade makes a great read. Lastly include an extra phone charger in the guest room. It’s often a forgotten item.

Wide Open Spaces

Leave room in the closet, drawers and on top of nightstands or dressers for guests to store their belongings. In this case, more space feels more welcoming. While you want guests to feel at home, don’t over clutter or over personalize the guest room. Keep things light, bright and inviting.

Guest Room Bathroom

First, ensure the bathroom is squeaky clean. Then, include a basket of fresh towels and washcloths. Our vintage bread basket is perfect for narrow spaces. A candle or diffuser on the sink is always appreciated. As an added bonus, I like to swap out regular soap for seasonal scented hand soaps and store extra toiletries in the top drawer. Lastly, add a few plants for a touch of pretty!

If you want to go out of your way to make guests feel welcome, make a batch of our DIY bath bombs! Simply, place in a bowl near the tub or in sachets for guests to take home.

Thank you for stopping by the blog, today. We hope you enjoyed these tips to get your guest room ready. However, even if you air up a mattress, which they make super comfortable these days, to hosts guests in your home office or play room, just know that guests are coming to see YOU! Don’t fret over the details. Happy holidays, y’all!


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