Interior Design Solutions for a Long Living Room

As an interior designer in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, my interior design projects range from putting the finishing touches on a room to designing the entire house. My goal is to make spaces both functional and beautiful for those living in the home. For example, you can see a few projects that I have completed, here.

For this project, I redesigned this long living room into two usable spaces for the family. By integrating a few pieces that the homeowners already had with new furniture and decorative items from my shop, From: Susie, this house has become a home.

Interior Design Dilemmas

When designing a room, I determine the clients’ needs and wants. For example, I ask questions to find out what is and what is not working for them and how they currently use the the space. But, I also like to learn about the client’s hobbies and interests to create an ideal space for them to live in. Lastly, I take a long look at the space to identify the room’s best attributes and how to elevate those characteristics.

This living room has a beautiful fireplace and windows to let light in. However, the room is long and fairly narrow. Before my redesign, a hodge-podge of dark furniture pushed up against the wall filled the room, as well. Therefore, the room looked long, dark, and uninviting.

Design Solutions

The goal is to create two living spaces that flow together. To define each space, we designated a focal point, pulled the furniture off the wall to create conversational areas and grounded each with a rug. Lastly, we added plenty of storage and personality!

Focal Points and Floating Furniture

First, we purchased a large entertainment center from Pottery Barn for the informal living space. This allowed us to relocate the television from over the fireplace. Therefore, the fireplace could act as the focal point of the formal living room. A lighter colored sectional sofa and textured coffee tables are the next big purchase. These contrasts well with the homeowners’ time worn leather sofa. However, the key is to avoid pushing sofas and chairs against the wall. Instead, pull furniture inward to create a cozier feel.

Divide and Conquer

Notice how one side is more casual for watching television, while the other is a bit more formal for sitting with friends or listening to records around the fireplace. Both spaces feel cohesive with the repetition of certain accent colors, like yellow, turquoise blue and the terra cotta orange. However, the two spaces are pulled together by that amazing black, glass front cabinet. Pops of white interior show off the homeowners’ collections.

Because the homeowners have children, we purchased washable rugs from Ruggable. The rugs are centered on each side of the room to define each living space. Then, the sofa and chair’s front legs are pulled over each rug to ground each area. Read my tips to finding the right size rug, here.

Next, we removed the shutters from the window that overlooks an amazing Japanese maple tree in the side yard. Then, we added striped curtains. The key is to place the curtains wider and higher than the actual window. This created a picturesque window of nature and allowed plenty of light in to make the space feel larger. While keeping the shutters on the the windows facing the front of the house, we maintained privacy. Learn my best tips to hang drapery, here.

Adding Storage + Personality

In addition, we included plenty of storage for books and baskets in open front console tables and bookshelves. I love this wooden bookcase. Consequently, baskets hold everything from kids’ toys to blankets for movie nights.

Lastly, it’s important to personalize the space. This means to show off personal collections, integrate family heirlooms, and add character with vintage, artistic or handmade pieces. The homeowner has an amazing collection of vinyl records which are often played on his record player. Therefore, we stored these in a gorgeous glass front cabinet. For added texture and character, I decorated with wood bowls, cozy throw blankets, and handmade designer pillows from my shop, From: Susie.

Decorating Tips for a Designer Look

In short, here are a few decorating tips that I used to design this space. Keep these in your decorating repertoire when decorating your own home.

  • Create functional spaces with a focal point.
  • Float furniture to create conversational areas.
  • Divide spaces to break up long rooms.
  • Use rugs to define each space.
  • Integrate plenty of storage.
  • Personalize a home with vintage, handmade, heirlooms and personal collections.

Inspired by the furnishings in this space? Find similar furniture, here.

Introducing Access to Designer Furniture, Lighting & Rugs

If you love the pieces that I used to design this living room, you are in luck. Recently, From: Susie Interiors provides access to the same ‘to-the-trade pieces’ that Susie sources for her clients and design projects. We are happy to offer furniture, lighting, rugs, and more that can typically only be purchased by trade professionals.

If you need a different size, finish, or color, we would love to help. Just email or contact us here. We will do our best to price match from another online retailer. However, our prices include all shipping and handling fees. Plus, lead times and in stock information is always at your fingertips.

Lastly, when you shop F|S Interiors via SideDoor, you are supporting our small business and the interior design community, rather than a big box retailer. SideDoor is our partner that secures and fulfills your order, handles logistics and customer service. Don’t worry, they are reliable and service oriented!

For instance, you can find this stunning black cabinet or similar coffee tables in our collection.

Tell me about your project, here, if you are interested in collaborating on an interior design project with me!


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