5 Winter Decor Trends & Ideas

Here are five winter decor trends that I am currently loving. I hope these ideas give you some inspiration in your home during this season. However, you will probably notice that these are not just trendy finds, but lean on classic design elements that are gaining popularity. Again! Because, everything goes in and out of style. It’s the circle of design!!! (P.S. I hope you sang that last part.)

5 Winter Decor Trends

  1. Sustainable Materials
  2. Real Plants or Fresh Winter Greens
  3. Warm Metallic or Mirrored Accents
  4. Patterned Pieces
  5. Earthy Color Palettes

1. Sustainable Materials

The word “sustainability” is being used more and more lately. That’s because we are seeing the importance of protecting our planet for future generations. Therefore, consider shopping for eco-friendly materials and products that do not negatively impact natural resources or human beings. It’s important to me as a small business owner, that is why I love to promote artists and makers and source locally when possible.

The easiest way to decorate with sustainable materials is to incorporate antiques, vintage or repurposed finds into your home. For example, antique chapati boards make great risers. Plus, wooden jugs originally used to store food can be repurposed into flower vases. While time worn bread boards may not be suitable for cutting bread today, they look beautiful layered on shelves or against the kitchen backsplash.

2. Real Plants or Winter Greens

After the holiday decor is moved to storage, your home can feel pretty bare. Therefore, the simplest way to bring life into the space is to add real plants. Yes, the ones that need sun and water to grow! So, pull back the curtains and let the warm sunlight stream in. I encourage you to welcome one or two ‘easy to care for’ plants like aloe vera or monstera plants into your home this winter.

If you are hosting a get together, simply clip fresh winter greenery from your yard. Then, place stems in clear, glass jars with water for a simple, sustainable centerpiece.

3. Warm Metallic and Mirrored Accents

Metallics like gold, brass, and copper and mirrors add warmth and reflect light in a space. Plus, they contrast well with wood furniture. Therefore, adding a few metallic or mirrored accents is a great way to lift the mood inside when it’s cold outside. While cool metals were having their modern moment, warm metallics are now getting the spotlight.

Even incorporating the smallest accents like brassy gold hardware on a wood dresser can add warmth to a room. We have a few handmade, gold accent trays in the shop, here.

4. Patterned Pieces

You have probably noticed that patterned wall paper is making a comeback. That’s because pattern is fun, there are so many different print options, and it’s easier to apply with peel and stick versions.

Typically, ‘keeping it simple’ is the mantra for some decorators’ winter decor. However, I like to spice things up with lots of pattern. From pillows and throw blankets to rugs and wallpaper, pattern can wake up a room. When mixing patterns, be sure to vary the size of the patterns. For instance, mix a large plaid with a small floral print. The key is to stick with 3 patterns in a space.

Earthy Color Palettes

It’s no surprise that I love designing spaces with neutrals, because it’s timeless and a welcoming foundation to other color. It seems that earthy colors, like ‘sand,’ ‘terra cotta’ or ‘ochre’ are what’s trending. Basically, any color with brown in it. From paint to floors, homeowners are choosing warmer tones than cool grey. However, other colors reminiscent of earth like sage green and dusty blue are included. It really depends on the shade and tone rather than a particular color.

Consequently, most people’s winter decor typically consists of whites and creams, raw wood tones and a few pops of greenery.

Lastly, you can find inspiration and tips for styling a Winter Table. Happy decorating, y’all!


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