Tina Schaible’s Home Tour & Interview

A home tour of a social media star’s fabulous French country inspired house…

Homemade magazine has become my personal diary. It’s a place where I can document the important moments in life, like my wedding engagement, or interview my favorite people, like my grandmother. Its pages are designed to be full of inspiration and encouragement. I want to give a voice to so many stories from friends and makers. Our hope is that it will go far beyond pretty pictures and become a beacon of hope and light to our readers.

Home Tour and Interview with Tina Schaible

Each issue is centered around an inspiring theme and person. Last season, it was all about my grandmother and the inspiration that she shares with so many people. This time, it is my honor and privilege to focus our Spring issue and Makers’ Décor Box around none other than Tina Schaible, social media Influencer.  

For many years, Tina has been my best customer. In fact, before I personally knew her, I packed her orders into boxes as the warehouse manager for Curtis Creation, the shop that I would later purchase and rename From: Susie. Her orders came through often. Little did I know that five years later, Tina would become my dear friend whom I would drive across Texas to photograph and interview for a feature in my home design magazine. 

Now, it is with overwhelming gratitude that I invite you to come over the river and through the Woodlands, to Mimi’s house we go… for a wonderful home tour and chat with Tina!

Where did you come from? Where did you go?

Tina, you are just a joy! I know that our readers who just adore you want to know more about your story and what led you here. So, let’s start from the beginning. Where are you from? When and why did you come to Texas?

Well, I am originally from Darien, Connecticut and spent a lot of time in Allentown, Pennsylvania, too. I am a Northeastern girl at heart and would really love to get back there one day. In Ohio, I attended Marietta College where I majored in Industrial Relations and met my husband Dave in college. He was a petroleum engineer, so that line of work took us to Lafayette, Louisiana after marriage.

Louisiana? That makes a lot of sense to me, because I see a lot of French elements in your design style. Did you enjoy it there?

I loved it! It was a giant culture shock from the Northeast, but we absolutely loved Lafayette. Before we had children, I worked as an office manager for a small, private brokerage firm. I would type the ads for the real estate listings that would go in the weekend newspaper. Essentially, I would create the MLS listing and write the creative description about each house. My husband’s job evolved, and he helped form a new company that brought us to Texas in 1991. 

Family is everything.

It’s obvious that family is everything to you. Tell me about your family tree and how much your family has grown in grandchildren?!

I married in 1983 at the young age of twenty-two; we had our first born two years later. We have 4 children together, Bobby, Jenny, Katie, and Abby. Now, I have 7 wonderful grandchildren! My husband Dave passed away from melanoma cancer in 2007.  

And yes, family is everything. My favorite sign which hangs in the kitchen reads, “Now that my children are grown, I hope they still come through the front door without knocking. I hope they head to the kitchen for a snack and slump on the sofa to watch TV. I hope they come in and feel the weight of adulthood leave them for they are home. For my children, my door will forever be open.”

Queen of Tablescapes

I love that! It’s obvious how much love is in your heart for them. What do they think about their mom being Insta-Famous?

I think that they believe it’s great! But I think they believe that it’s just a hobby and perhaps don’t realize how much work goes into maintaining an Instagram page. With that being said, they don’t live at home, so I probably would not do this if I wasn’t in this season of life. It’s too hard! I can’t image how young women do it while being a full-time wife and mother, too!

Well, you make it look effortless! We simply love the way you style your home. I’ve always called you the “Queen of Tablescapes.” Tell me about your design style.

I love ALL design styles, so it’s hard to pick one. For instance, I have always dreamed of having a super modern condo in downtown Dallas or even an adobe style home. So, I really do love it all, so I don’t think I’m boxed in to any one style. For instance, I feel like my dining room is French Country whereas my primary bathroom is glam and fabulous. My home was built with a Coastal architectural style, but I tried to give it Cape Cod vibes as it was under construction.  

Whatever you want to call it, your style and creativity is magnetic, and I think people are drawn to the look that you achieve. I’ve had several design clients when I ask them what style they like, respond with “Mimi’s style.”

That is too funny! Well, I have always loved home décor and decorating. I drove my mother crazy always rearranging my room. Later, I drove my husband crazy when I would change out the cabinet décor at all hours of the night! I never could understand why they couldn’t just let me be creative!

The Journey of 110,000 Followers

Ah yes, the décor shuffle! You do it so well and people love watching you! You have over 110,000 followers on Instagram. Tell us how that whole journey started.

Well, for years, I hung out on Instagram just gathering inspiration. I followed Cotton Stem, Sister Studio, Kristy Wicks and The Downtown Aly. We moved into our new home in the Woodlands in 2016. Then, in July of 2018, I had a hysterectomy and was put on bed rest. Really, at the time, I just remember that my youngest child was a junior in high school and would soon graduate. I thought, what am I going to do with myself? My house is beautiful, so I decided to share it on Instagram. So, I changed my Instagram handle to @to_mimishousewego. Later, I was cleaning out a napkin drawer and posted a photo. I still remember the day… it was August 2018 that I shared my napkins!

And the rest is history!

And the rest is history. When I started joining follow trains, I think that’s how I started to grow. Oh, and I read a ton of blogs like the Design Twins’ Blog for tips to expand. It’s been three and a half years, now so it’s been a long journey. 

So, what is next for you?! Do you want a collection at Target?

Ha-ha, no way! To be honest, I really like what I’ve got going. I am perfectly content to just keep doing what I’m doing. All the friends that I’ve made and the inspiration that I share makes me so happy. If I had to set a goal, I would love to be in a magazine, but you’ve checked that box for me now, Susie!

Aw, yay!

I’m serious. I want to tell our readers that you were a huge part of pushing me to do this. You have helped guide me and gave me amazing tips and tricks along the way. You are an important part of my life, not just as a mentor in the beginning of this whole journey, but as my friend. And I just love you!

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    Finding Tina’s Instagram account during the Covid shutdown, amid great personal turmoil, was a gift! She brought me so many new connections including From Susie. Now you are both part of my daily online habit! I have received so much inspiration and comfort from both of these lovely ladies – and my home is looking better and better. I am very grateful ❤️ Trish F.

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