Primary Bedroom Makeover

Primary Bedroom Makeover with Boll & Branch

Robert and I have been married for 7 months. However, his bedroom definitely belonged to one of a bachelor simply needing a woman’s touch. Enter me, interior designer and bedding connoisseur. With a few simple changes and no major renovations or furniture purchases, I was able to transform our bedroom into a beautiful, serene space to unwind and rest comfortably.

Boll and Branch Bedding

Boll and Branch gifted me the most luxurious white bedding. Specifically, I chose the Signature Sheet Set, a Waffle Bed Blanket, and topped it off with the Signature Hemmed Duvet Set. The result? It’s like sleeping on a cloud, y’all! Seriously, this bedding is so soft and lightweight. Not only does it brighten up this room, but we have had the best night’s sleep.

These sateen sheets and blankets are both 100% organic, so they are breathable and perfect for every season. This is great news, because Texas can’t decide if it is Winter or Spring. In addition, I’ve already washed the sheets a few times; they get softer with each wash.

Next, I layered the waffle weave blanket which has an amazingly soft texture. It’s feels kind of springy, so it’s fun and soft to touch. Lastly, the hemmed duvet set includes a cover and pillow shams for a sleek, new look. Its classic style will pair with any decorative pillows or throw blankets that I may add later.

My readers can use code SUSIE15 for 15 % off anything at Boll and Branch during the month of March! Therefore, treat yourself and complete your own mini makeover!

If you have followed me long, then you know that I support family owned businesses who also care about people and our environment. So, being Fair Trade Certified is another reason that I love this brand. You can read more about their mission, here.

Three More Ways To Easily Do A Bedroom Makeover

  • Update lighting. First, I replaced the ceiling fan with a modern chandelier. The black metal contrasts well against the warm wood tones, while the elongated, curvy arms add a sleek, feminine feel. Then, I swapped out mismatched lamps for a pair that are better proportioned for the nightstands.
  • Break up Matching Sets. Read my tip to Style your Dresser Like a Designer, here. Basically, I prefer to break up matching furniture sets to add a variety of texture into a room. Because new furniture isn’t in the budget, I removed the attached wood mirror above the long dresser. Instead, I hung a round, metal mirror a few inches above the piece to give it a designer look.
  • Accessorize. I hung new artwork above the bed and layered smaller framed photographs on the dresser. Lastly, greenery in a large vase and a clean scented candle help bring this space to life.


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