The Ultimate Guide to Round Top in Texas

What is Special about Round Top in Texas

Most antique lovers have heard of Round Top in Texas, even though it is a tiny town with a population of just 90. Round Top hosts the biggest antique show, Round Top Antique Fair Show, twice a year. The Spring show occurs in March and the Fall show is in October. Therefore, mark October 14th-30th, 2021 on your calendar.

Round Top Antique Fair includes over 60 different ‘antique shows.’ Within those shows, there may be up to 300 dealers from across the world. That leads to over 3,000 different vendors set up in the Round Top area, including neighboring small towns like Carmine, Warrenton, Fayetteville, and Shelby… There are clusters of tents and buildings so you can park and walk, but there are also miles of Texas wildflowers between some stops.

By this point, I consider myself a Round Top veteran. I know when I want to go, who I want to go with (looking at you @cutertudor) and what I want to see. However, even with the mission laid out, I’m always surprised at what’s new and what I never knew existed. This most recent visit only further proved that no matter how much time you spend along those 11 miles of Texas country road, you’ll never see it all. So, you’ll always want to come back.

From Thrifted to Luxury

Round Top contains the most high end treasures you can imagine. Barns and shipping containers filled with luxury rugs, tents full of art work from world renowned painters, and pop up cafes boasting dinners with 5 star chefs at the helm. It can be quite intimidating. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani were spotted in these venues and Joanna Gaines, herself, used to grace these pastures.

But the coolest part about this slice of country is that between the furniture pieces that are priced higher than my annual revenue, there are small dealers selling antiques at pennies on the dollar. You can find your bargains, your steals, your you-paid-what?!’s. Round Top is diverse in it’s cultural offerings and it’s prices. And no one is there to judge! After all, we all look the same under the Texas heat, sweating in our fanny packs.

Where to Shop in Round Top in Texas!

For this trip, we had planned to start at the top and work our way down, but in the end we opted to start at the bottom near Warrenton and work our way up closer to Burton. There’s no wrong way to do it, y’all, but there is a right way to start. First, we stopped at one of the world’s smallest operating Catholic churches to say a prayer for traveling mercies and favor in our vintage pickin’. In the end, God blessed us with sunshine, too many laughs and a few pieces for the Summer decor collection to remember the journey.

Excess I and II

Two fields called Excess are dedicated to rows of storage units filled with furniture, architectural pieces, and vintage pieces. For instance, I found these gorgeous, vintage bread slicers. But with vintage comes weight, and these felt like they weighed 100 pounds! Excess One is where I found our beloved Straw Basket from Moroccan and European importers, Knock on Wood Antiques. It’s hard to find hundreds of a beloved product, so when they told me they could meet my quantity request, I was beside myself with excitement.

The Compound

The Compound is our next stop with six beautiful barns full of antiques and treasures. Old World Antieks, one of my favorite vintage dealers out of La Grange, Tx, sets up shop here. We snagged some copper pots, wire wrapped glass vases and chapati boards for But also, this place hosts events like weddings, during the off season, so two thumbs up for air conditioned buildings and restrooms.


A little further up the road and you’ll see Marburger Farm Show. I used to love shopping Marburger. I say that in past tense, to be totally honest with you, because you will pay top dollar at Marburger. It’s a sight to see; the world’s most talented interior designers, collectors and pickers will be there. However, if you watch closely, you may see an item move from tent to tent with a higher price tag replacing it along the way. One of my favorite pickers once told me, “Susie, there’s a premium for vendors to have spots in there. Draw inspiration, but then get out in the fields down the road.” So, that’s what we do.

Junk Gypsy + Zapp Hall

On the way out of Marburger, the big brown cabin with the pink suburban out front is Junk Gypsy. Go ahead and pull on over. You’ll want to take a little extra time here to try on some rhinestone cowboy boots, taste miranda lambert’s wine, and hug Amie and Jolie Sykes. They are truly as sweet as Texas tea; their distinct style and brand is an experience you won’t want to miss. These two sisters host a “prom” each show where patrons visit Zapp Hall, in Warrenton, dressed in 80’s attire, puffy sleeves and all! It’s one of my favorite events to grab a drink and unwind.

L-R Amie Sykes, Susie, Amy Williams @CuterTudor and Jolie Sykes from Junk Gypsy

Bader Ranch in Round Top in Texas

Right before you reach Round Top city limits, there’s a gray barn on the side of the road with a sign that reads “European Antiques.” This is Bader Ranch and it hosts a plethora of designer antiques and a restaurant for the stars. Raegen snagged a vintage Chanel silk blouse here! 

If you blink, you’ll miss the actual city of Round Top. Therefore, don’t get distracted by the gorgeous homes along the road or the tents of vendors packed side by side like sardines. Instead, focus on the pedestrians trying to cross the road and let your passengers do the window shopping from the car!

Next stop is a cluster of my favorite shows.

The Arbors

The infamous white tents at the Arbors house my dear friend, Mary Gregory ‘s art and live music from Texas country music legends like Pat Green. In addition, more artists, importers, makers and dealers.

The Halles

The Halles is a new show of higher end treasures and is home to Paper City Magazine. I found so many delights. Be sure to plan a pit stop during your trip for a refreshing concoction of clementine and topo chico and an amazing food truck! Plus, find the work of interior designers!

Drift + Holler

Drift & Holler is the new kid on the block. This year our maker, Ben at 8FD Designs, took a few of our products to show at his booth inside Drift & Holler. The girls that own this venue are cool as can be. They make the best dang bloody Mary’s minus the quail egg which was too fancy for our tastebuds. It’s a prime location amidst all the action and you’re gonna want to be sure you stop by.

Blue Hills

Lastly, the top of the hill and my stopping point is Blue Hills. If you’ve seen my french umbrella cabinet, that’s where I got it. Blue hills has gorgeous Turkish rugs, furniture and lots of European goodies. There’s more to see beyond this stop and when the road forks, head to Carmine. However, that’s my round up of Round Top!

I don’t think I’ll ever stop visiting. The more I go, the more I refine my search. It’s become one of my favorite adventures with my best friend and my team. I’m excited about what the future may hold for us on that sacred stretch of road.

Tips When you Visit Round Top in Texas

  • When? Spring Show – March and Fall Show – October
  • Where? Shopping stretches from Warrington to Burton, mostly between Warrenton and Round Top
  • How? Fly in from Austin or Houston or ROAD TRIP
  • Who? Anyone can go! It’s retail some vendors offer wholesale discounts for bulk buys.
  • Best selection? Come the first week.
  • Best prices? Come the last few days.
  • Wear what? Dress comfortably. Don’t forget sunscreen. It’s hot March – November in Texas.
  • Carry what? Cash to haggle, water and an empty bag to carry your finds.
  • What to eat? Royer’s, Lulu’s, Mandito’s and plenty of food trucks and bar carts.
  • Where to stay? Find a cool B&B or guest house within 20+ minutes of Round Top – hotels in neighboring towns.

A few of my favorite places to stay in the area are Das Meyer Haus, Wander Inn behind Junk Gypsy and Vintage Round Top, next to Drift and Holler. Finally, I’ll be going the first weekend to the opening for the Fall Show in Round Top in Texas. However, If you can’t make it, leave me a comment of what vintage finds to keep an eye out for the shop!


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