Maker Spotlight: Heke Creative

Hannah Eberly is one of the artists featured in our Fall magazine. In addition, we included one of her handmade trays in our Fall Decor Box . Therefore, she is this month’s Maker Spotlight. You can find her on Etsy, selling handmade jewelry and accessories.

The lightweight “Ever” tray is handmade by jewelry-maker, Hannah Eberly.

The materials that Hannah uses to create the oval tray include resin, clay and pigment. In addition, she uses a combination of these to create her unique accessories. This versatile tray can be used as a soap dish in the bath, a station for pot scrubbers and dish detergent or a display for your favorite earrings. Use it by the tub to keep your jewelry safe while relaxing. We love it for it’s durability and versatility. Therefore, it’s a perfect fit for anywhere in your home.

Here’s What Hannah Eberly Had To Say:

“I believe I was created to create. I have my degree in fine arts and am an oil painter at heart. I’ve tried my hands at many creative mediums, but clay and resin have touched my heart. I started my business, HEKE Creative Tendency in 2019. I absolutely love where it is taking me.

HEKE Creative Tendency, my business name, comes from my initials and the fact that I have an innate tendency to create on a daily basis. On a typical day, I am able to work and create. I am a stay-at-home-mom who loves the opportunity to be at home with my young kids and still work a creative job. To have a few hours a day to sit down and create during my kid’s nap time and bedtime is amazing. 

Putting my HEKE jewelry on everyday makes me feel confident; I feel creative, I feel feminine. This is what I want for my customers. I love that I can help other women feel strong in who they are when they clasp on an earring or necklace. In my 29 years, I’ve never before felt as close to women as I am now. This female closeness is essential, to me. As a business owner who provides goods to women everyday, I have the opportunity to infuse a dose of strength, confidence and feminity into their day and life. I absolutely hold this so near and dear to my heart.”

Community over Competition

The community that I’ve seen grow over the past few years is so incredible to be a part of. I especially enjoy meeting other local women business owners and encouraging and lifting them up. I really value giving proceeds of special collections to women owned businesses with a strong message or to groups of women in need. 

There is another category of HEKE Creative Tendency other than jewelry. Resin catch all trays were created out of a need of my own! I feel peaceful, available, and joyful when I have a clean and curated home space. My resin trays have helped me feel all of these things! I too hope that customers can feel this when placing a few trays around their home or office. I’m excited everyday to sit down and create jewelry and a few items for around the house and it’s so fulfilling for you to be a part of my creative story and journey.”

Other craftsmen and artists that we have partnered with include woodworker 8FDesigns, painter Mary Gregory, ceramic artists, The Wrights, ceramic artist Melissa Reddick and seamstress Sarah Coble. Because we support ‘made in America’ products, most of these makers are located in Texas. However, there are a few located across the United States.

Our goal is to create a collaborative effort that supports local businesses and provides our customers with quality goods for their home. The goods we sell are responsibly and ethically made with high quality materials from talented makers. Each season, we curate a home decor box filled with handmade, vintage or ethically sourced products. You can find the Decor Box, here. We appreciate you supporting small business, too!


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