15 Wall Decor Ideas + Tips

Stuck with what to put on your walls? Well, here are 15 different wall decor ideas to get your design wheels turning. Plus, tips to help you know where and how to hang art.

15 Wall Decor Ideas

  1. Architectural pieces – shutters, window panes, vintage ceiling tiles, lattice works
  2. Vintage finds – tulip crates, rug beaters, tobacco baskets, wicker baskets
  3. Shelves – decorative or open shelves, photo ledges
  4. Artwork – sculptural art, paintings, photographs
  5. Signs – word cut outs or lettered signs
  6. Greenery – wall planters, wreaths or wall baskets filled with greenery
  7. Gallery walls – groups of similar framed art or mix and match different frames, sizes, art
  8. Mirrors – large scale, pairs or groups of smaller mirrors
  9. Family portraits – framed, canvas wrapped, metal prints
  10. Sconces – picture lighting, sconces for candles or lights to flank windows, mirrors or art
  11. Decorative ladders – hang or lean against wall to display baskets or blankets
  12. Hooks – peg racks, coat racks, decorative hooks
  13. Wallpaper, wall decals, murals, or chalkboard wall
  14. Wall tapestries – woven art, macrame, rugs
  15. Collections – bread boards, baskets, plates, hats

Decorative Shelves

Decorative shelves can be both pretty and a practical use of vertical space. Therefore, open shelves are great to hang in kitchens, bathrooms, or kids spaces.

When styling shelves, vary the height and form a visual triangle with the group of objects. Then, add some kind of greenery. Typically, use one tall piece or two layered objects as the anchor piece. This can be a piece of artwork or a set of layered boards. Finally, learn more tips to Decorate Shelves Like a Pro.

Wallpaper, Wall Decals, and Chalkboard Walls

Wallpaper, wall decals and chalkboards are great to hang to create accent walls in a room. It’s a great way to personalize a room, while adding color and pattern. While you can use these anywhere, kid spaces, like playrooms and bedrooms, are my favorite rooms to add these features.

In addition, wallpapering small rooms like bathrooms or laundry rooms can make the space feel larger! It works to make a room feel interesting when you dont have a lot of room to hang shelves or decorations.

Things You Should Know to Hang Stuff on Your Wall

While 3M hooks, small nails or push pins work to hang lightweight objects, larger objects may need wall anchors or picture hangers to secure on wall. I keep a picture hanging kit in my interior design toolbox. Here are a five more tips to hanging art on the wall, including my last tip that went viral on social media!

Hang Out!

1.Hang art at eye level… on average, the center of the art should be 60 inches from the floor.

2. Art or decor should hang about 4-6 inches above furniture – console or side tables or headboards.

3. Large scale art creates a focal point, makes a statement and easily fills a wall. One large piece looks less cluttered than many smaller objects.

4. Hang multiple pieces of art or decor only a few inches apart to create one visual image. This works with pairs of art or gallery walls.

5. To hang art with two hangers, place tape on the back and mark center of hangers with pen. Then, transfer the marked tape onto the wall and use level to ensure it is straight. Next, drill holes in the marks and peel tape off. Lastly, hang picture!

Lean with It!

Not all wall decor has to be hung on the wall! For example, tall mirrors and ladders work beautifully leaned against the wall to create a cozy corner. In addition, kitchen backsplashes are the perfect place to lean framed artwork or bread/cutting boards.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I hope you found lots of creative wall decor ideas to implement in your home. Lastly, if you love decorating inspiration, read my Tips to Use Decorative Risers, here or 7 Throw Blanket Styling Tips.


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