Summer Bucket List

You have probably heard of, or even planned, a Summer bucket list as a teenager or for your kids. However, this Summer bucket list is dedicated to all you lovely ladies that I call friends! Here are 20 things that I put on my summer bucket list that I want you to try.

This is the Girl’s Guide to Summer!

Visit a flower or berry farm.

In late Spring, I visited a tulip farm in North Texas. Not only did I leave with a basket full of fresh cut tulips, but some amazing photos. While the tulip farms may be closed, it is a perfect time to visit a wildflower, sunflower or berry farm. All you need to do is search online for ‘flower or berry farm near me.’

Take a road trip.

Load up the gals, or the family, with a few snacks in the car and hit the road. Whether it is a day trip to a charming small town or an overnight trip to the big city, getting away is a good way to break free from the mundane.

Spend the day shopping.

Whether you love to go thrifting, antiquing or shop for clothes, shopping has been shown to release dopamine which makes you happy. Just browsing, scrolling online or window shopping, without actually buying, can uplift your mood. Shopping with kids and a school supply list has not actually been proven to release dopamine, though.

However, if you are looking to buy, I encourage you to support local and small businesses, small boutique style pop up shops, artists and makers at art festivals or antique fairs, and Shop From: Susie!

Plant an herb garden.

Starting your own indoor herb garden is simple and inexpensive, and a rewarding process. Not only does growing your own plants make you feel closer to nature, but fresh herbs make summer dishes taste amazing. I shared my best tips for herb gardening, and offer an assortment of planters, in the shop.

If you are hesitant to start with seeds, pick up a plant or two on your next grocery store trip. Or, propagate your own plants in water. My bestie, Amy has a simple DIY for water propagation.

Host a wine tasting or a Summer ‘mocktail’ party.

Have your friends bring their favorite bottle of wine or ingredients for a summer ‘mocktail.’ Then, you supply the snacks. Don’t worry. Hosting is easy when you set up a charcuterie board with this 5 ingredient formula. Or find inspiration from this epic dessert board that you can tweak for any holiday or season!

Enjoy a girls weekend.

This is so good for the soul. It is the grown up version of Summer slumber parties. Whether you crash at your friend’s house to stay up late laughing, chatting and snacking, or you get the gang together to rent an Air Bnb, this is a must! Plus, all you really need is good company! And a really good brunch.

Press flowers.

Pressing flowers is a great way to capture the essence of summer all year long. Last month, I shared a few different ways to press wild flowers including how to make your own flower press. Find all the details to press flowers, here.

Learn a new craft or skill.

You are never too old to learn a new skill or pursue a craft that interests you. Whether you are looking for a weekend hobby or your goal is to purse a lifelong passion, do it now. Invest in yourself. Sign up for a local or online class. Or just ‘google’ “how to…” There is so much free information that you can find on blogs, YouTube, or by following your favorite ‘doers’ on social media.

The possibilities are endless. What interests YOU? Candle making, calligraphy, photography, playing a musical instrument, dancing, art, decorating cookies, learning to use power tools or speak a new language…

My grandmother taught me to embroider, and shared her embroidery tips, here. Mary Gregory, who has a collection in our shop, taught herself to paint after her children were grown and currently teaches online classes, too. Read more about her story, here.

Plan a picnic for two.

Pack a bottle of sparking water or wine, a fresh loaf of bread, and a summer salad with a throw blanket inside a basket or tote. Then, head to outdoors to watch the sunset.

Make sangria.

This sangria recipe is a crowd pleaser… if that crowd is all your girl friends! If you prefer a non-alcoholic version, switch the red wine with black tea, and be sure to use pomegranate and orange juice.

Redecorate a space.

Whether you paint an entire room or just style a few favorite finds, a newly decorated space feels fresh and inspiring. Feeling uninspired? Here are the 2021 Summer Home Decor trends. Need painting tips? Here’s my Paint Sheen Guide. Want more pillows? Because what grown woman doesn’t collect pillows… Read my Pillow Style Guide. Then, shop my pillow collection.

Visit the lake, beach or pool. Or all of the above.

Wear the suit. Get in the water. Have fun. Your kids, your significant other, your friends are only going to remember the memories y’all made and not what you looked like in your swimsuit.

Treat yourself to a spa day.

If you indulge at home, splurge on a nice sugar scrub and facial mask; turn down the lights and burn a favorite candle, play some relaxing music and crawl into a steamy bubble bath. Or, make an appointment for a massage. Get the mani and the pedi.

Eat lots of fresh fruit.

It’s in season, it’s refreshing and it’s probably 100 degrees outside by July 1st. Pick up fresh peaches, berries and melon at the farmer’s market, roadside stand or local farm. My favorite way to eat melon is with Chile salt.

Call your Mom. Or Grandma. Or Sister. Or best friend.

Often a familiar voice is all that you need to feel relief from a stressful day. Or perhaps, you may be the listening ear that someone craves in a time of need. Either way, women support women.

Host a Small Gathering.

Don’t wait until the house is perfectly renovated, decorated or even spotless to get together! If 2020 taught us anything, it is that we need time with family and friends. Don’t let the idea of perfection prevent you from living a life that you love. By the way, the photo of me below, is perfectly staged for a photo, not an actual dinner party.

Again, all you really need is good company and good food. Therefore, eliminate the stress of doing it all and throw a backyard BBQ with family bringing their favorite side dish or invite friends over for a potluck and game night. However, if entertaining is your jam, we can help with everything that you need for a beautifully styled tabletop.

Enjoy a Movie Marathon

Put on your coziest pajamas, gather your favorite snacks in a tray and binge watch movies all day. Preferably, the day after a long day at the pool… Because sometimes, Summer is exhausting.

Shop our Made in Texas serving trays.

Make something homemade.

Make something homemade from scratch. Don’t worry about the mess. Don’t follow the recipe, or maybe do. But make it your own! If it turns out amazing, share it with a friend. Use fresh peaches from the farmer’s market for a peach crisp or fresh berry crumble… mmmm!

Have a ‘Yes Day’ for the kids. 

This ones for the moms, aunts, grandmothers, older sisters, sitters … do anything that your child desires (within reason). Let them decide what to eat, what to play, where to go. You may be surprised by what they come up with and how content kids can be when we give them our undivided attention. Plus, how guilt free it can be for you, too, to not have to say ‘no.’

Buy the boots.

Life is short. Buy the boots, y’all. Don’t worry about everything that is out of your control. Instead, focus on what makes you happy and what is important to you. And yes, this a metaphor! Have a beautiful summer, friends. XO!


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